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Co-Presidency - Biden hoping to bring America together by co-running the Executive Branch with Trump

Fresh off the heels of several successes in actually helping the American people and supporting other Democratic countries, President Biden is becoming bolder in his initiatives. In order to unite the country, he has issued an Executive Order to allow the former guy to become co-President for the next year of his term.

Asked for comment, Vice President Harris welcomed the bold move saying: 'Qnon has been wrong about everything, so this is our olive branch to show them that they are not complete idiots [Editor's note: they are].

Asked to comment, the former guy trump responded: 'i never lost, i created this position for Biden. And i never raped anyone. Putin is not my master. And i can't wait to have the voters pay for my golfing and staying at my financially troubled properties. Oh, and by accepting this position, i'm giving up $100 billion".

Asked for any final thoughts, Biden replied: "APRIL FOOLS". "Let's get them to work for the American People and forget the former guy!"
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