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samsingh's Journal
samsingh's Journal
January 27, 2021

The Continued Radicalization of Republicans to Hate America

My understanding:
Reagan was willing to negotiate with Iran for Arms for Hostages, letting people die of Aides because it was believed to be a Gay disease, and taking money from the poor and giving to the rich.

George W Bush was willing to steal an election through the supreme court, lie to invade a foreign country, and start the CANCEL culture when the DIXIE CHICKs made a single comment he didn't like. He also had a VP that profited handsomely from a war he started.

McConnell was willing to destroy the countries economy to stop a Black President from getting any credit for the work he was doing.

Traitor trump was willing to give anything to foreign dictators to enrich himself and he was willing to support an insurrection.

The republican party continues to hate America as stated in the Constitution. From their rabid support for gun related massacres, hatred of giving medical care to the masses, and unwillingness to stand up for American values, i fear that there is no bottom for them.

The rest of us must protect Democracy or lose it to the next repug president who will be backed by those that truly live on lies and an alternate made up reality that would have fit in with Hitler's world view.

January 15, 2021

We Biden, The House, The Senate, and the outrage

we can really make a difference now. Structural ones that can save the future.

Give Statehood to the District of Columbia
Decriminalize weed and other drugs
pardon anyone nonviolent person in jail for weed related offices or the stupid 3 strike rule
fight against voter suppression and repug gerrymandering
do something about about the supreme court

Ensure that the House and Senate remain Democratic after the midterms.

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