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samsingh's Journal
samsingh's Journal
September 8, 2023

46/46% tie between Biden & Trump is not about age. Democrats better wake up to the real cause.

Source: Daily Kos

The polls indicate a tie between Biden and Trump at 46%. Many Democrats attribute Biden’s perceived performance issues to his age. However, that is a misguided perspective. Biden’s age is not the primary concern.

Democratic advisors and consultants are disconnected from grassroots realities. They often stay in their “ivory towers” and fail to engage with various communities, particularly Republican strongholds, thereby missing out on understanding the true concerns and narratives being spread on the ground.

The “MAGA base” of the Republican party is highly active in engaging with people via the internet, alternative media, churches, and other institutions. They effectively communicate their narratives, even if not always truthful, thus successfully reaching out and influencing perceptions.

Read more: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2023/9/8/2192238/-46-46-tie-between-Biden-Trump-is-not-about-age-Democrats-better-wake-up-to-the-real-cause

We are doing a good job overall, but this column provides excellent actionable feedback that would help destroy the traitorous Republican party.

It's an excellent piece.

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