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Five reasons Bernie Sanders lost last night’s Democratic debate

Hillary Clinton is building her delegate lead, and Bernie Sanders is getting angry.

The Vermont senator needed a good night in Michigan to change the dynamic of a nominating contest that has been slipping away from him. He didn’t get it.

Instead, in the seventh Democratic debate, Sanders found himself on the defensive for the first time ever over his vote against the auto bailout. He poorly handled delicate racial and gender dynamics. He seemed angry, and he came across as someone who is running to make a point – not to win. He even managed to offend the mentally ill.

While many pundits are calling the CNN debate a draw, after reading the clips and monitoring cable chatter this morning, we are convinced it was a clear loss. Here are five main reasons why:..............lots more.............


She got the bailout headline the campaign was probably hoping to get

Myrlie Evers-Williams backs Hillary Clinton, urges voters to 'take sides'

Myrlie Evers-Williams, wife of the slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, is calling on young Americans and those apathetic about voting to “take sides” in the 2016 election to stop a racist tide that’s “raising its ugly face in America.”

And she’s announcing she's on Hillary Clinton's side.

“I’ve lived long enough to see the ugliest of it all,” Evers-Williams said in an interview with USA TODAY in which she endorsed the former first lady.

“It’s time to call out and say, take sides. You cannot sit back and observe. Become involved and do what you feel is best. Do not allow evil to overtake this America of ours,” said Evers-Williams, approaching her 83rd birthday.
Evers-Williams worked alongside her husband in the civil rights movement and continued his work after his death. She was one of the first African-American women to run for Congress and served as an NAACP chairperson.....
Her slain husband had worked on desegregating schools and public buildings and trying to secure voting rights. He was shot in front of the family house in Jackson on June 12, 1963, in front of his wife and three children — just hours after President John F. Kennedy, in a nationally televised address, called on Congress to pass a civil rights bill.


She gave the invocation at President Obama's last inauguration-

WP: Debate Winners and Losers

* Hillary Clinton: The former Secretary of State came ready to fight on Sunday night. She kept her hit on Sanders's opposition to the auto bailout well hidden in the run-up to the debate in order to get maximum impact when she dropped it on his head. Ditto her attack on him being the long Democrat to vote against the Export-Import bank. She is still not great when it comes to answering questions she doesn't want to answer. Her I'll-release-my-Wall-Street-speeches-when-everyone-else-does answer to a question on her high-paid speaking gigs was, still, not very good. And, she remains overly cautious as a candidate; when pressed whether people at the Environmental Protection Agency should lose their jobs over what happened in Flint, Clinton was unwilling to say they should -- a swing and a miss at a hanging curveball. Still, overall, this was a very solid showing by Clinton. On guns, on failing schools and on Flint, she was confident and effective.

* President Obama: It seemed as though no matter what Clinton was asked about in the debate, her answer wound back to a defense of the current occupant of the White House. Clinton even used Obama as a shield against Sanders as he bashed her on accepting money from Wall Street. Why? Because Clinton knows that among Democratic base voters -- particularly African Americans -- Obama remains hugely popular and, therefore, aligning yourself with him is a stone-cold winner.
* Bernie Sanders: The Vermont Senator had effectively walked a fine line in the previous six debates when it came to attacking Clinton without coming across as either bullying or condescending. He tripped and fell while trying to execute that delicate dance on Sunday night. Sanders's "excuse me, I'm talking" rebuttal to Clinton hinted at the fact that he was losing his temper with her. His "can I finish please" retort ensured that his tone and his approach to someone trying to become the first female presidential nominee in either party would be THE story of the night.

Put aside the fact that Sanders misstepped on tone, he also did nothing to change the underlying dynamics of the race. If you think Wall Street is the problem for much of what ails the country, you were for Sanders before this debate and certainly for him after it too. But, as we know from the first 40 percent or so of states that have voted, there aren't enough of those people to make him the nominee. Sanders didn't knock Clinton off her game in any meaningful way, making the debate a loss for him. (Sidebar: His answer about white people not knowing what it is like to live in a ghetto or be poor would have been a massive gaffe if he was not as far behind in the delegate chase as he is.)


Sanders agrees to participate in Fox News presidential town hall |Hillary Clinton Group

DETROIT -- Fox News is not usually the destination of choice for Democratic candidates seeking to spread their message, but Bernie Sanders has agreed to participate in an hour-long town hall hosted by the network here on Monday.

Anchor Bret Baier announced Thursday that the presidential hopeful would appear with him and said that Hillary Clinton had also been invited but declined because of “a scheduling conflict.”

Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said there had also been discussions about having Republican front-runner Donald Trump appear at the same forum, an idea Sanders welcomed. Sanders has long said he would like for there to be debates in which candidates from both parties participate.
Briggs said the senator has no qualms about going on Fox News, despite its reputation for having a conservative bent.


Dang, I'll have to miss that one. I don't watch Fox -But let's just say I have a scheduling conflict.

Democrats Turn to Hillary Clinton After Flirting With Bernie Sanders |Hillary Clinton Group

FAIRFAX, Va. — On the eve of Super Tuesday, as Hillary Clinton urged her supporters to turn out to vote, people on the sidelines of her campaign rally here seemed less revved up than resigned.

The time had come, several said, to end their romance with Bernie Sanders and settle down with Mrs. Clinton.

“Bernie Sanders’s odds of getting the nomination are maybe not that great,” said Mitchell Westall, 19, of Suffolk, Va., who added that he had been intrigued by the Vermont senator’s vision. “So I’m looking at the other Democrat.”

Mrs. Clinton, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state, is not used to being “the other Democrat.” But as voters cast ballots Tuesday in 11 states that could give her a prohibitive lead in the race for the party’s presidential nomination, she seemed to be enjoying something of a homecoming: After eyeing, enjoying and encouraging Mr. Sanders’s insurgency for months, Democrats seemed ready to restore to Mrs. Clinton and her candidacy the air of inevitability with which she began her campaign in April............


Time: What a Year of Racial Strife Has Taught Bernie and Hillary |Hillary Clinton Group

This is a good read ahead of the Flint debate-

In the past year, the African-American community has sent the nation a powerful message about how to react to violence–and the difference between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders can be found in how each received that message. Clinton’s response is especially important because it is different from the way she reacts to most things. It is emotional rather than policy-oriented. It is about suffering more than grievance. It floats on the deep rivers of pain and forgiveness in the black community. In her South Carolina victory speech–one of her best this year–she cited an African Methodist Episcopal reverend who had asked, “‘How, how are we ever going to strengthen the bonds of family and community again?’ Well, we’re going to start by working together with more love and kindness in our hearts and more respect for each other, even when we disagree.”

By contrast, Sanders–who has run an admirably substantive campaign–has reacted the way white left-liberals too often do: by embracing grievance as the sole, defining reality of the black community. Confronted early on by Black Lives Matter activists, Sanders quickly adopted their anger–but nothing more. The references to African Americans in his speeches are limited to well-known problems: unemployment and incarceration. This has appealed to the familiar class of showbiz socialists and hipster academics who’ve endorsed him: Cornel West, Spike Lee, Killer Mike. But it lacks the music of the black church, ignores the pride in the community over its relatively high college-graduation rates, especially among black women–and, above all, the amazing grace displayed by the families of the Charleston church shooting victims.

This is a problem that ideologues have. They see the world theoretically. Sanders, it can now be said, is the most successful leftist candidate since the socialist Eugene V. Debs, perhaps the most successful in American history. But that’s still not very successful...........


As of 8:30 pm local time...

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