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Rose Siding

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Member since: 2001
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Bob Schieffer grills Trump surrogate (In case you've never witnessed actual journalism)

Star Tribune: Donald Trump must leave the race

His abusive views toward women disqualify him.
By Editorial Board Star Tribune

The news Friday of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s vulgar view of women and his conceivably criminal activity toward them wasn’t an October surprise, because it wasn’t a surprise. This is the real Donald Trump, as evidenced repeatedly during 16 months of attacks on Hispanics, Muslims, women, the disabled, women again, veterans, and women some more.

For the sake of the Republican Party and the nation — for god’s sake — enough. Enough altogether. Trump should immediately relinquish his nomination and allow, for a short month at least, the country to have a campaign that’s closer to representing its legitimate interests and actual divisions.

No nation should toy with electing a leader who beholds more than half of its population with disrespect. No party should be represented by a candidate whose ersatz positions bear such little coherence with its own. And no one should countenance a man who declares that, because he’s a star, he can prey on women, regardless of their consent, and speak of grabbing them by the genitalia.


Won't happen, of course, but wow. I've never seen anything like this. Each piece of this unfolding drama is jaw dropping.

Ron Howard: "It is exactly who he is"

Trumps says "Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am,” Sorry but i know people who do know him -it is exactly who he is



Utah Sen Mike Lee calls on Trump to step aside


blood bath

He said one thing: I'm not going anywhere


NYT reporter: GOP officials meeting in DC to discuss options

Source tells me RNC officials are meeting in DC to discuss what options the party has going forward in case Trump isn't nominee.



Source also says that RNC officials likely can't oust Trump from the ticket and that Trump would likely have to quit on his own.


He won't quit, will he? I don't think he will. They certainly should NOT get a fresh faced do-over

Harry Reid: "In the name of decency..."

Reid: "In the name of decency, Republicans should admit that this deviant - this sociopath - cannot be president."

via HuffPo's Sam Stein


I'm gonna miss Harry. This press is all over this, getting responses and quotes from everyone.

Paul Ryan "sickened", says Trump no longer attending tomorrow's event with him

Source: CNBC's John Harwood

Paul Ryan: “I am sickened by what I heard today. Mr. Trump is no longer attending tomorrow’s event in Wisconsin.”

Read more: https://twitter.com/JohnJHarwood/status/784561152802062336

Trumpery is a thing!

ˈtrəmp ( ə )rē/

attractive articles of little value or use.

showy but worthless.


and from Merriam-Webster:

Trumpery derives from the Middle English trompery and ultimately from the Middle French tromper, meaning "to deceive."

Isn't language wonderful?

HRC's tough interview with 11-Year-Old Marley Dias

SO sweet!

.....It turns out she's always been an activist. She's always wanted to make a difference.

I know, because I asked her! I emailed Hillary Clinton to find out what she was like when she was in middle school, why she loves her favorite books, and what happened when she got one really bad haircut. (I once cut off a big piece of my ponytail, so I know what it's like.)

She has shaped the way I think about my future, because so many of the qualities she has now are ones that I want to have when I get older. It makes me so excited that she could become our first woman president. If someone had to do it before I could, I'm happy that it will be her. It's really no problem.

Reading our interview, I think it's very obvious that Hillary Clinton can be deep and funny at the same time. Sometimes, we expect a woman like her to be really serious always, but I want people to understand that she can talk about deep issues and chocolate, and that's okay. She's a real person—just like I am, just like my mom is, just like you are. She's not just a presidential nominee. She's a friend. She's human! And her favorite black girl book is I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, which is an excellent choice......


"It's really no problem" So cute I fall right over.
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