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Tired of the Meme That Harris/Booker Show That "Democrats Have a Problem"

Of course every development of any kind is always dooooooom, doooom for the Democrats in the eyes of the media, but today I'm seeing some of this on DU as well and it puzzles me. First off, I was a Harris supporter but have now switched to Biden and I'm saddened that she ended her campaign.

BUT this isn't indicative of some huge diversity problem that the Democrats allegedly have. It's more a combination of three factors:

1. Harris ran a pretty poor campaign and failed to adjust when needed (probably most notably after the first debate);
2. Booker's campaign has been phony and tin-eared and he just hasn't resonated;
3. Huge numbers of black voters support Joe Biden.

With Biden already in the race and the first choice of so many African-Americans, and with Booker and Harris doing poorly as candidates no matter what their race, there really is no evidence of some systemic problem with the Democratic primary process. Particularly when we just had a Democratic black president from 2009-2017. And as far the claims that there aren't enough women, I just don't get it. Warren and the relatively surging Klobuchar are both very much in this, and our very last nominee three years ago was a woman.

Stop feeding into the Politico/The Hill-style "Dems in Disarray - Oh Noes!!!!!11" nonsense. There's enough of that coming from the other side and foreign bots already, thanks very much.
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