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Couldn't even get the one GOPer in Michigan who was clearly in the tank to vote no. He abstained (a real profile in courage).

So, that's the end of the Michigan drama. And Trump. And the concern trolls.

But the GOPers, by showing themselves to be enemies of the democratic process (and by activating, then visibly failing, their base of low-information supporters), may have done lasting damage to themselves, starting in Georgia.

The Concern Is Strong Today

Everyone knew the GOP and their online allies weren't just going to give up, right? The point of the Barrett hearings is not just to install her on the Court; it's to rally their base and demoralize Democrats.

So it's no surprise that a quick survey of the board threads in the last few hours, on the opening day of the Barrett hearings, reveals loooooads of horserace stories, focus on one bad Senate poll (which even the most rudimentary analysis shows isn't credible or even that bad), and anecdotes about Dems in Disarray!! Oh noes!!

This is, of course, part of a coordinated effort to dismay and deter, and to generate polls that show a "tightening" race. It isn't going to work.

This is not 2016. It's a completely different race. The vast majority of people see the Barrett Rush for what it is. And Democrats are doing well; just as well as they were a week ago. In fact, probably better.

Vote. Donate to races if you can (that aren't oversaturated). Sign up for phone banking or texting or some other means of volunteering. Clear your head. Do something! They can't win unless we cooperate.

Everyone Figuring Out Now Who Won . . . .

And it wasn't Mr. Trump.

You can see it in the tweets, in the instapolls (with the typical caveats about flawed methodology, etc.), and in the second-thought, upon-reflection commentary by the pundits. After the "debate" ended, the media's instant reaction was to call it a "s***show," which implied that Joe did poorly too and somehow played a role in the sequence of events that unfolded.

But after that wore off and everyone got over the shock (for whatever reason) that a president of the United States of America would act the way he did and say the things he did . . . well, it's becoming pretty clear that Biden's debate strategy was masterful and he executed it very well. He stood there and let Trump self-destruct, but he wasn't overly aggressive to the point where anyone could really dismiss him as "rude to the president" or any such silliness. He made his points, he kept his cool, and he got in the clear line of the night, saying what so many people have wanted to say to Trump for a while now.

Not bad. I'm feeling more cheerful tonight about this race than I have in a while - and I was already pretty cheerful.

Next up, let's see what Sen. Harris has in store for Mr. Pence.

Nicolle Wallace just had a really great point

She said that voters may have internalized impeachment and realized that they should take a close look at Biden, the person Mr. Trump feared enough to risk his presidency.

I'm glad she switched sides. She's really insightful.

It's Interesting How Biden Did Better in a State Where . . . .

(a) it wasn't a caucus but a primary and
(b) the results were called almost immediately with no goofiness dragging out the count, etc.

Apart from the obvious differences between the other three states to have gone so far, I find that intriguing. And suggestive.

Thank You for the Hearts!!

So very kind.
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