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Gender: Male
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 2,163

Journal Archives

Motorcade has arrived!!!

It's electric here. FEELS SO GOOD

At the Chase Center

Outside the parking lot.... listening to music blasting (Simply the Best, currently), people dancing, happiness overflowing. Great weather for a great night in Delaware!

I need me some Boss


Onion: Media Condemns Biden for Baseless Claim


Blasting the former vice president for spreading misinformation at this perilous time for democracy, media figures across the political spectrum condemned Joe Biden Friday for his baseless claim that the nation will come together once the election was over.

MAGAT drove by at Chase Center

As my friends and I were walking back to our cars, some douche drove by with a sunroof open and a giant Trump flag sticking up. No one walking by said anything, so we've learned to not give them the attention they are seeking.

They weren't letting cars near the staging area, so people were gathering along the fence to the road that the cars and motorcade were using to get there. When all the police lights were spotted, we started chanting "46" and then that was pretty much it. Watched the speech on our phones and moved on.

But it was nice to be there with an excited and anxious crowd! Most of the license plates in the parking lot were from Washington DC, New York, and a bunch of other states. We joked that we might have the only Delaware plates in the lot. The moment of victory will come soon!

"Red Wave" looks like a "Red Stripe"

Over deserts, mountains, corn fields, and cows

Philadelphia Freedom, Baby!

Philly Special

Scrappy underdogs taking down empire...seems familiar


Are we gonna get a Jim Jones-type Tape?

Wouldn't surprise me

US Election system v. Australia

I was talking with people at work today about our need for election reform in this country. It's crazy how "democracy" is pretty much supposed to be our thing---and how messed up it looks every 4 years.

Voting is compulsory in Australia, so there's no need for scientific GOTV operations.

And the voting process is the same everywhere there. On a Saturday.

And, as the article below notes, another nice addition would be a national popular vote.

Not sure if they use ranked-choice voting, but that would be another nice addition that would lessen the potential horror of voting for a 3rd party candidate (like voting for Nader and ending up with Bush). And getting rid of gerrymandering would force people to moderate and work together more.


We're talking huge amounts of sophisticated statistics and data, opening store fronts and down to the "neighbourhood level", literally knocking on people's front doors to remind them to vote, organising buses to get them to polling stations.

"It's difficult for Australians to envisage what that looks like," Professor Jackman said.

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