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Gender: Male
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 2,049

Journal Archives

The Lake Mead stuff is freaking me out

I don't understand the desire to go take "selfies" with previously-underwater boats, dead fish, etc. or to "treasure hunt."

I view it as a sign that we've waited too long and cannot get our crap together enough to agree to even save the planet we all live on. And by "we," I mean mostly Repukes. Starting with Bush v. Gore, I have really started to think we are doomed. They gleefully called him "Ozone Man" but, had he been elected, we'd be in a much better position.

As I sit here recovering from COVID, this stuff is making me feel even worse. We absolutely cannot allow them to win majorities in the fall

I've unfortunately joined the herd

Positive COVID test yesterday

I felt a little blah on Friday, more blah on Saturday, tired and some minor aches on Sunday. Took a test yesterday and found out I have COVID.

Came home, rested, and, so far today, I've been feeling sniffly (but with very thin product--more like allergies for me than a cold). Achiness is gone. Just had a cleaning burst (rare for me to dust and clean baseboards, but for some reason I was on it) but now resting again.

I have not had any trouble at night, other than being extra thirsty. Got up a couple times to get drinks.

I hope this is as bad as it gets for me and it was a real wake-up call. I was vaccinated (Pfizer) and boosted but hadn't taken the second booster yet--which I regret.

LA Guns: The Ballad of Jayne

I almost went to see LA Guns along with Tom Keifer a few weeks ago---and regret not doing so. At least I can see them on YouTube:


Was in Milton, DE today

A friend (who is a teacher) bought a house--and I loved it; ranch, huge yard, huge garage, metal roof, lots to like. Then I noticed that he is sandwiched in between two houses with some version of a Trump flag flying---one said "Trump 2024: Take America Back) and I couldn't read the other one.

The most disturbing thing about the whole situation is that, over dinner, my friend (granted, he doesn't follow politics much) states that "If Trump and Biden run again in 2024, I'd have a hard time deciding who to vote for...and I think Biden would be crushed in a landslide."

After threatening to stab him in the neck with my fork, he explained that he (and "a lot of people) blame Biden for:

Gas prices
Not stopping COVID sooner

This led to a protracted argument, but I learned two things. One, I don't like his house anymore. Two, I have a lot of educating to do with this teacher.

Holy moly......

What does make me feel better is the giant BIDEN sign painted on a barn at a farm along Rt. 1. on my way to the beach Makes me smile and feel better every time I see it!

Repuke House candidate approached me

And my friends at the Italian Festival in Wilmington this evening. There were 8 of us sitting there at a picnic table enjoying our food when Lee Murphy approached us. He did shake two people's hands before we realized who he was, then we noted that we were a "table full of proud Democrats." He said "you should try the other side." I said "Not gonna happen" and he moved on. Then we returned to enjoying our spaghetti.

On a side note, 2 dipsticks wearing "Infowars" t-shirts walked by shortly after. I guess in any crowd you would be able to find a few (hopefully a minority) idiots and deplorables.

Natalie Merchant

One of my favorite female singers--along with Annie Lennox & Stevie Nicks. And I love her positive energy


Big Audio Dynamite: Emc2

The first incarnation of BAD (before BAD II). I had never heard this song until last weekend on a college radio station from Philly (WXPN). Now I've been listening to it a lot......


Escape Club: Wild Wild West

I always liked this song--and was always fascinated by the strange body-less arm and leg things (which apparently got the video banned in England).


Eurythmics Missionary Man


President's motorcade just passed me

On my way home from church (on Rt. 141), President Biden's motorcade just passed by heading south. At first, I was thankful that they hadn't shut down 141 in both directions. Then I was struck (again) by how nice it is to have a good man in the White House. It made my Sunday
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