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Gender: Male
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 2,048

Journal Archives

New theory on Trump's pants

Not sure if this has been suggested already, but since Snopes apparently debunked the backwards idea, is it possible his crotch mess was a result of a lap dance from Lindsay Graham, Matt Gaetz, and/or MTG prior to taking the stage?

Martavis Bryant in Arena Football

Now plays for the Massachusetts Pirates of the IFL. Stats show 1 catch for 13 yards thus far.

As a Steelers fan, I lament his weed-induced departure. Someday it probably won't even matter in the NFL---but currently it is treated like crack. They could use him as the Steelers suffered a lot of drops last year.

Back in the day....


USFL Coming Back

And we know who came up with the great idea to move to the fall........I liked the USFL back in the day. Then Trump got involved. Destroyed it like Atlantic City and, more recently, democracy.

Eventually shutting down in 1986, the USFL voted to move from a spring to fall schedule to eventually compete with the NFL -- an attempt to force a merger between the leagues. The USFL won an antitrust lawsuit against the league as the NFL violated anti-monopoly laws, but the USFL won just $1 -- and shut down in the ensuing months.


New addiction: The Flight Channel

I think it's just a Youtube channel, but its explanations of air disasters is riveting/horrifying. Some human mistakes, some mechanical mistakes, some combos. But once I start watching one, I can't stop....


Progression of Relationships (heard on radio today)

In the beginning, it's "Never change!" that progresses to "You need to change" and ends with "You changed"

Had Al Gore not been cheated.....

The Big 3 auto makers were close to producing some slick hybrid vehicles (the goal was 80 mpg). This video shows Dodge's effort with their hybrid versions of the Intrepid--the last of which only cost $7,500 more than the base model. I'm sure some incentives would've been offered.

BUT OF COURSE....."W" was installed as "President" and cancelled the PNGV program that spurred companies to produce energy-efficient vehicles (started by Clinton). The Repukes are always in the pocket of Big Oil and are anti-environment.


Intrepid ESX3

Ford Prodigy (Hybrid)

Prince challenge: Find Pat Smear

In the Raspberry Beret Video (Pat Smear is now a guitar player with the Foo Fighters).


This is a recent photo of Pat Smear....


Ryan Bingham: Hard Times (Live)


The day after second Pfizer: Update

Just a sore arm so far.

Told my Trumper sister in Panama City Beach, FL about it during our "Happy Easter" text exchange and she said "I'm not getting a vaccine" but wished my arm well.

2nd dose of Pfizer today

In Dover, DE. I felt the needle this time, but just like a standard flu shot. No issues thus far....but it was only 5 hours ago.

Waited in the drive-thru event for about 30 minutes.

Thought about Trump and the hundreds of thousands of people who died b/c of his inaction and/or counterproductivity and general assholism. I hope that we, as a nation, have learned from this.

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