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Hometown: Wilmington, DE
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Why Delaware may end requiring students to pledge allegiance to the American flag

House Bill 107 by Rep. Paul Baumbach, D-Newark, would still require that students pledge allegiance to the American flag every school day. But instead of requiring all students to cite the pledge, the bill would let students who don't want to participate to stand silently or stay seated.

If Delaware removes the requirement, it would be in line with a U.S. Supreme Court decision from about 78 years ago.

In the 1943 case, West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, the Supreme Court ruled that such a requirement violated First Amendment rights because it forced students to declare a belief.

Baumbach was quick to point that ruling out, arguing that you can't "support the Bill of Rights in pieces."


I always thought it was Hitler-youth-like and somewhat un-Christian, actually, to pledge allegiance to an inanimate object.

Vulgar anti-Biden flag in NJ raise questions


The man who brought Rochelle Park to this constitutional moment is a 46-year-old former police officer and retired U.S. Army reserve sergeant who now works as a school resource officer and security guard in Bogota, where he was featured in a teaching program for students to “Be the 'I' in Kind” and to "take extra steps to help someone use nice words to others."

Say hello to Gary Bendit.

He’s a registered Democrat who says he voted twice for Barack Obama before embracing Trump.

Should we really be looking for life on Mars?

What if we find it and piss them off?


Joe making me late for work

There was an accident on my normal route to work. Decided to take 141 instead. 141 closed because of Biden's motorcade. Stuck.

But it's worth it!!!
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