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Gender: Male
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 2,049

Journal Archives

Favorite Summer Songs

Any songs remind you of summer? These are my faves:





and, from Australia,:


Tom Carper loses a friend

Whether its your first car or some other car, I think everybody has a vehicle for which they had just a real attachment, a lot of affection or maybe even just gratitude because of what it carried them through, Carper said.


US Senator Tom Carper (DE) touts fuel cells

Especially for trucking/mass transit. I think it's a good idea and I'm excited--as long as we can get energy bills passed to make it happen broadly.

Traditionally, hydrogen has been manufactured from natural gas, a process that emits carbon. However, Air Liquide and other companies are now investing in green hydrogen.

Edwards explained that hydrogen can be produced by using electricity to separate water into oxygen and hydrogen. If the electricity is from solar or wind, the process is zero-emission. Another method is to convert methane from a landfill or other waste source into hydrogen.


New theory on Trump's pants

Not sure if this has been suggested already, but since Snopes apparently debunked the backwards idea, is it possible his crotch mess was a result of a lap dance from Lindsay Graham, Matt Gaetz, and/or MTG prior to taking the stage?

Martavis Bryant in Arena Football

Now plays for the Massachusetts Pirates of the IFL. Stats show 1 catch for 13 yards thus far.

As a Steelers fan, I lament his weed-induced departure. Someday it probably won't even matter in the NFL---but currently it is treated like crack. They could use him as the Steelers suffered a lot of drops last year.

Back in the day....


USFL Coming Back

And we know who came up with the great idea to move to the fall........I liked the USFL back in the day. Then Trump got involved. Destroyed it like Atlantic City and, more recently, democracy.

Eventually shutting down in 1986, the USFL voted to move from a spring to fall schedule to eventually compete with the NFL -- an attempt to force a merger between the leagues. The USFL won an antitrust lawsuit against the league as the NFL violated anti-monopoly laws, but the USFL won just $1 -- and shut down in the ensuing months.

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