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Gender: Male
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 2,049

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Just got back from Maine

Another great trip to MDI and Acadia. I'm glad I have a friend who moved up there . Spent a lot of time happily picking blueberries, letting dogs swim at Little Long Pond. BEST Dog Park EVER. My 10 mos old lab mix pup is still a little too playful (even for my friend's 2 labs) but a lovely Labradoodle named Pearl put her in her place (nicely) and she was a changed dog the rest of the day.

Favorite restaurants:

1. Common Good (for popovers, oatmeal, & coffee); a soup-kitchen that makes breakfast Fri-Sun and uses proceeds to fund their efforts. You make a donation as payment. Had live music (a couple with acoustic guitars--very nice).

2. Eat A Pita. Good pasta dishes and--my favorite--blueberry bread pudding.

3. Archie's Lobster (in Tremont on the island). Killer views of Bass Harbor, cornhole games set up, plenty of space, BYO, awesome food (and homemade blueberry pie).

4. 2 Cats (in Bar Harbor). Great breakfasts, great biscuits.

5. Blaze (in Bar Harbor). Wood fired pizza. mmmmmm.

The trip from Delaware took a little over 11 hours---including about 3 gas/rest breaks. I made it to Boston before needing gas, then made it the rest of the way. Went up the Mario Cuomo Bridge way, went near Hartford, then back east the rest of the way. On the way home ended up on the Merritt Parkway due to an accident on the other route and it was nice, too. Some traffic getting off the MC Bridge around 4:30 (I had noticed traffic that way also in the morning on the way up). All and all---not too bad.

Little Long Pond:


Leaving for Maine tomorrow....

A DUer gave me good directions to avoid (as much as possible) traffic horror (incl. the GW Bridge in NY) but I cannot find them

I'm leaving from northern Delaware (not far from the DE Memorial Bridge to NJ but could also go by Philly) and heading to MDI.

There was a debate at work between:

-- Avoid GW Bridge at all costs.

-- Take the GW Bridge ("it's faster"

-- Do what the GPS says (probably the GW Bridge, b/c it will take me on an icky route to *possibly* save 21 seconds).

The Avoid the GW crew told me that I should take the Mario Cuomo bridge, so I was thinking about entering that into my GPS. After that, they said I should take Rt. 15 (Merrit Pkwy) until I can get back on I-95 (possibly near Milford, CT).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!! It's just me and a 10-month old lab mix, so I'd prefer the easiest on the driver/dog route as possible. Thanks!
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