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GOP: "But the pony! The PONY, goddammit!! THE PONY!!!"

Having backed truck after truck of steaming excrement into Hillary's driveway and dumped the contents, day after day, month after month, year after year, for DECADES, they're still insisting she's hiding a pony somewhere.

Dudes and dudettes... it's so totally in your imaginary RWN world that anyone other than you even cares about this...

...and no, Mueller doesn't do pony patrol. He's busy with the real criminals.

You know, the ones who think it's okay to help Putin achieve his goal of damaging America by defaming, destroying trust in, and vitiating the power of the American government. As long as they're only really doing it to protect their own wealth from being taxed.

So, no.

No pony-hunt for you.


Fiat Tenebris! or, [Redacted] and the Simplification of the Inherently Complex

We can speculate to infinity about why >Redacted< thought it was a grand idea to run for President. It seems likely his motivation was multi-faceted, including the yawning void of his neediness for attention and validation, a burning drive to revenge himself on the black man who had the uppitiness to publicly humiliate him at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, the possibilities of vast profits to be funneled into his own coffers through control of the levers of government, and even an element of simply "showing everyone" he could do it.

Even if you leave out possible quids-pro-quo to his Russian mob pals, it must have looked like an attractive proposition.

After all, how difficult could it be? It's the most powerful job in the world, right? You have complete control over the Executive Branch of the United States Government, which may or may not include Congress and the Courts. A little fuzzy on those, maybe, but once you're in the White House, what you say, GOES, right? And all the might and funding of the Federal bureaucracy is available to carry out your policy decisions, executive orders, etc.

All you have to do is say what should happen, and a legion of military and civil service flunkies HAVE to bring it about. It's their job, after all. To do What The President Says.

And if there's anything >Redacted< can claim with some justification to be semi-competent at, it is using his words, the best words, to draw a picture of What Should Be. Masses of people, the biggest crowds ever, applaud and cheer wildly when he does that, so he knows he's absolutely the best at it. Big league, big league. He can do it.

So: Get elected, check.

Start telling people what to do...


Something's broken.

It's not HIM, of course. He KNOWS how it's supposed to work. He says "FIAT!" and swarms of busy workers Make It So. Like Captain Picard, on the bridge of the Enterprise Mark Whatever, or General Patton at the Battle of the Bulge, or Ford showing his engineers the design for the assembly line, or Bell picking up the telephone and telling Mr. Watson to "Come here- I want to see you."

The Executive decides what needs to be done. The Executive decrees It Shall be Made So. Others then undertake the making of it so, and you hold them accountable, firing them if they don't. That's how it's supposed to work.

If it doesn't, well, then, it's not The Executive's fault. There are traitors and haters actively engaged in a Deep State Conspiracy to prevent it from happening, and it's all THEIR fault.

Root them out, fire 'em, lock 'em up, and everything will be fine. The system will work again, The Executive can go back to saying How Things Should Be, and they will become so. If not by three o'clock that afternoon, at least in a week or two.

>Redacted< has done, is doing, his part. Diligently. Energetically.

He's said, over and over again, both in front of adoring crowds of True Believers, and on the Mighty Twitter Machine, How Things Should Be.

He's even pointed out why they're not being Made So: Identifying the traitors and haters conspiring to throw sand in the well-oiled machine of His Presidency, the Greatest Presidency, the Best Ever, You'll Love It, He Promises. He's called for them to be investigated, ignored, shunned, disbelieved, locked up.

He's holding up his end of "The Deal." It's terrible that we're not getting the true benefit of his hard work, because of Those Others. He feels it, the pain. It's so frustrating! He COULD lead us! He could bring about the greatest economic resurgence ever, make everyone (well, everyone who deserves it) secure and happy, and THEY'RE NOT LETTING HIM.

It's gonna give him a goddamn ulcer. You should feel sympathy. You're the ones being deprived of the bounteous plenitude he planned to deliver unto your pathetic, meaningless little lives, after all.

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