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Two words for those who're flinging shade at Houston municipal officials: Hurricane Rita

"OMG, did the Houston officials know how bad this was gonna be?"

"Why didn't they evacuate?!?"

"Why haven't they been trying to evacuate since, like, Thursday, even???!?!?"

"Houston ALWAYS floods! They shoulda known! Why didn't they get everybody out?"

ummmm, yeah.

They shoulda told everyone to drive to that Motel 6, twenty-five miles north of town. You know, the one with six million rooms and an unlimited supply of food and water. Right?

For anyone who doesn't remember it, here's a Wikipedia article on Hurricane Rita. Notable takeaway: Of the 120 deaths associated with Rita, more than 100 were directly related to the evacuation. People died in their cars of heatstroke. Heart attacks. A deadly bus fire. They had to use up a lot of valuable resources evacuating people from the evacuation.

There are between six and seven million people in the area affected by catastrophic flooding.

Have you ever been in a traffic jam trying to get home after a concert or sporting event at an arena that holds 30,000 people?

Multiply that by a couple of hundred times, then multiply it again because these aren't concertgoers with purses or backpacks, these are people with families, pets, carloads and trailers full of stuff.

I am old enough to remember when Civil Defense tried to hold evacuation drills- they managed to evacuate just the Portland, OR city center (population of the whole Portland metro area at the time was probably about 350,000) after weeks of preparation and publicity and at enormous cost. Evacuating major metro areas is even more complicated now.

The Houston city government is working with state and federal forces, private relief organizations, military assistance, news media, and help from other major metro areas (NY just sent a few hundred trained disaster responders... how they're gonna get IN, I don't know, but I'm sure they'll do excellent work when they do.)

If you want to blame anyone, blame the climate change deniers in Congress who have steadfastly refused to fund NOAA, NWS, FEMA, and other agencies to model catastrophic weather events and create preparation and response plans and resources on a scale we've never even imagined we would need before.

Oh, and the dickhead who pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord... what's his name again...?


Pardoning Arpaio Short-Circuits the Mueller Investigation

It's very simple:

Mueller can prosecute people who refuse to testify for contempt. He can prosecute people who tell lies under oath for perjury. He can bring criminal charges related to their collusion or their status as an accessory, he can use those charges as leverage to negotiate testimony.

}Redacted{ just told everyone who might be pulled in to testify or give evidence, every accessory and co-conspirator, "Keep stumm. I'll pardon you."

Will he get away with it?

If the GOP has anything to say about it, he will.


He's right, though- we shouldn't lose our "history"...

So I'm thinking about starting a GoFundMe for the "Museum of Racist Traitor Losers."

We can put all the statues and plaques and flags and other shit commemorating the episode of a small elite of southern oligarchs convincing a whole lot of other southerners to commit treason in the name of racism, and then getting their asses whupped at the cost of more than 600,000 lives.

It IS important to remember history, after all.


So, GOP: Whaddaya Gonna DO About It?

Tip of Massive Iceberg of Coverage of GOP Fainting and Pearl-Clutching

All y'all are burning up the Intertoobs, hand to brow, choking in righteous horror about the tremendous failure of moral leadership, the betrayal of American principles, the terrible, awful, SO-NOT-REPUBLICAN, SO-NOT-WHO-WE-ARE, SO-NOT-WHAT-THE-GOP-STANDS-FOR burble that dribbled out of the ex officio head of YOUR Party's pie hole.

We're all so moved by the sploogefest of heartfelt indignation.

Really, we are.

So now...



Yeah, that's what I thought.


So Where do I Buy My Alt-Left Tee-shirt?

Because DAYUM, I want the WHOLE WORLD to know that even though the Electoral College-appointed Chief Executive of the United States of America is a Nazi sympathizer who thinks treason and rebellion are 'culture' worth honoring...


Please, world, do NOT take his malignant ravings as representative of anything more than a horrificly-deranged and small minority of mentally incompetent, delusional assholes.

The rest of us will do whatever we have to, to keep them from screwing up the world.

We will.

Please help.


I'm glad I'm not an ACLU attorney.

The ACLU are the ones who defend the rights of disgusting vile people to say cowardly, revolting things.

They're pretty busy right now.

There's a great deal of discussion going on, and more to be had, about the degree of protection the First Amendment offers to the white supremacist demonstrators scuttling out of the woodwork in America, and about how conscientious officers of the Court- including law enforcement- can provide that protection and balance it against protection of the greater community from the effects of the hate they are monging and the violence they are inciting.

These are not simple issues in Constitutional law, and they are not simple for the officers of the Court charged with upholding the Constitution.

Among the people who will be having very difficult choices to make are public officials whose jobs include ensuring that all citizens have access to public spaces to assemble and express themselves, and officials of entities that are not necessarily public, but covered by various Federal rules related to ensuring Constitutionally-protected freedoms. A lot of higher education institutions have to walk that line.

There's a whole minefield's worth of questions to be asked about what officers of the Court can and can't do, Constitutionally, to restrict particular aspects of any given demonstration. They're having to consider not just the repulsiveness of the specific views being expressed, and the various displays associated with those views, but how any rule or requirement they might impose would affect others expressing other views. Including counter-demonstrators and those who might in some future time protest vigorously against government actions like the Muslim Ban, the construction of a border wall, the ongoing DAPL protests, and so on.

It looks simple to me: Assholes wearing flak vests and carrying shield and guns and gas masks, etc., are signaling that they want violence. They want to perpetrate it against others or incite it against themselves for their own purposes. Therefore, ban that shit, and say "only allow unarmed and unarmored people to attend protests."

Except that cops have been known to gas peaceful protesters of all kinds. I might want a gas mask myself, for certain expressions of free speech. If I were counter-protesting armed dickheads, I might consider wearing a flak jacket, too.

Any rule that can be used against people whose views I oppose can be used against people whose views I agree with.

And depending on who's administering the rules (remembering that right now we have a Confederate House Elf as Chief Officer of the Court) that can be a powerful problem.

If I were an ACLU attorney, I'd be thinking about all of that.

It is not, by a long chalk, the first time this sort of dilemma has arisen. But it may well be the first time it has arisen when we are walking a knife edge between having wannabe tyrants pushing the boundaries and wannabe tyrants enforcing those boundaries.

So today, I'm sending another donation to the ACLU.

They're going to need all the help they can get.


Dear American Junta

Dear Generals-

I guess there's a cosmic reason you're there, after all. You have ONE JOB.

Just one: Keep the Nuclear Cheeto from getting us all killed.

I think y'all know that, Sirs.

So just a suggestion, a way to make it easier for you. Simple, really:

Replace the actual nuclear launch control (the "football" ) with a similar size-and-shape satchel full of beepy stuff and blinky lights that don't actually do anything, and one of those red buttons you can buy at Staples.

If/when the Nuclear Cheeto pushes that button, nod solemnly, and tell him how Presidential he is, and then escort him to the nearest super-hardened secure bunker, IMMEDIATELY.

Lock him in.

Lose the key.

For about three years, should do.

ONE JOB, gentlemen.

We're all counting on you.

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