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..."and there were no Nazis in Hamburg"

Watching America tear itself apart is painful.

Looking at somewhere between a third and half of my fellow Americans being willfully, obdurately ignorant is painful.

Watching the undisguised racism, xenophobia, and misogyny taking victory lap after victory lap is painful.

Watching the expectations and assumptions of institutionalized norms like deference to factual information, maturity, self-control, and judicious temperance of public demeanor get gleefully tossed under the bus is painful.

Like many others, I've had the dark thoughts... "How can I share a nation with these people? If things ever get back to some kind of functional or normal governance, how can we patch up these divisions and restore a polity that will allow us to build a positive future together? With THEM?!?"

And then I remember the story my stepfather told me, about when he was in the Merchant Marine during and after WWII.

It was not too long after VE-day, and his ship was one of the first Allied merchanters to dock in Hamburg. Allies had been doing bombing raids throughout the war, right up through a couple of weeks before the official end of hostilities. The city was a mess. Nevertheless, the merchant ship crews were given shore leave; they'd been on duty for months without a break.

It wasn't pretty. People swarmed "the Americans" wherever they went, begging for food, cigarettes, items of clothing, anything. And they handed out what they had, appalled by the degradation.

There was one thing my stepfather and his shipmates were absolutely determined about, though: They weren't going to give NOTHIN' to NO NAZIS. So they'd always check, before trying to help, whether the ones asking for help had been members of the Nazi party, or Nazi sympathizers.

They were in port for more than a week, and roamed over quite a bit of the city, and you know what?

They didn't find a single Nazi. Not one!

People they talked to, the ones who spoke English, assured them that there WERE no Nazis in Hamburg, there had never been any Nazis in Hamburg. They hated the Nazis! They just did their jobs and tried to raise their kids and stay out of the way of the military types- THOSE were the Nazis and they were all gone, of course.

None of them had been from Hamburg itself, anyway. The people of Hamburg were horrified by all that Nazi stuff. They were thrilled the Allies had won and glad to see the Americans.

Nope, there wasn't a Nazi left in Hamburg. And there hadn't been many to start with. Except those outsider military types.

Of course, my stepfather and his buddies knew they were being scammed. Hamburg was a Nazi hotbed all along, horrible things were done there and prominent members of the Nazi party were from there and based there.

But apparently, as soon as the Nazis lost the War, they all mysteriously vanished into thin air!

And were replaced by the kind of people who rebuilt West Germany- first with Allied help into a determined liberal democracy, and then as a bastion of NATO and the European Union.

I know it wasn't easy for Germany to overcome its Nazi past, for pro-Nazi and anti-Nazi and fuck-it-leave-me-alone-I-don't-want-to-take-sides Germans to cobble together some kind of polity and redirect their energy into building a modern economy and a democratic state.

But they did, somehow.

So I have to believe that someday we will be able to, as well.

Because, after all, after they lost, there were no Nazis in Hamburg.


So I'm seeing a "double false flag" operation in progress, here...

Bombs being sent to lefty targets. oooo....

But... none of the bombs actually explode, no one gets hurt... ::squinty side-eye::

Could it be... this is just a leftwing 'false flag' operation to gin up sympathy and outrage and get those leftwing 'mobs' to the polling places? OUTRAGE!! October surprise!!! False Flag!!!



Could it be... just maybe...

Some very well-planned and expertly-executed RIGHTWING conspiracy to make people THINK the leftwing is doing a false-flag October Surprise operation...???

hmmmm.... on their previous records, what do leftwing domestic terrorists and those wacky "antifa" supporters generally do?

If I recall correctly, they generally march in the streets with signs, chant things, and occasionally damage property or mix it up with rightwing hecklers.

hmmmmm.... on their previous records, what do rightwing domestic terrorists generally do?

The Murrah Federal Building comes to mind. Driving cars into crowds. Mass shootings...

Yanno, it's really hard to tell.

'scuse me while I go pick up the pieces of my head. It exploded a while back...


Me n' Mister Bright Voted Today

The closest- to us- Early Voting Site for our county was right on the county fair grounds where it usually is.

Except for one change.

Normally they set up in the 4-H "Small Animals" barn, which is plenty commodious for two or three tables with two volunteers at each table to check voters on the roll and hand them ballots.

Not today.

Today they set up in the Exhibition Hall, the largest indoor space on the fair grounds. Voting opened at noon, and we got to the fair grounds about a quarter after. There were a LOT of cars turning in.

The regular lots among the buildings were full. We had to park at the closest 'main' fair lot, essentially a dirt field across the road from the buildings complex.

When we got up to the buildings complex we saw The Line.

It was out the door of the Exhibition Hall, almost to the end of the covered portico.

We joined the line and noticed it was moving at a fairly regular pace. Not too fast, but regular.

Got into the 'porch' area, the line wound past a table full of pamphlets from the Secretary of State, explaining the two State Constitutional Amendments on the ballot, and the various bond issues. Nicely presented with both the 'legal' language version and the plain-language version for each, plus a statement of intent for each of the Constitutional amendments, and lists of specific funding targets for each bond issue. The Constitutional amendments also had nicely-summarized major 'pro' and 'con' arguments for each.

We had time to read the booklets, which were in English and Spanish, as the line wound through the porch and into the main Exhibition Hall.

When we got in there, we saw there were SIX tables with two volunteers each doing the checkoff and ballot distribution. Other volunteers were maintaining separate lines for each volunteer, gesturing the people at the front of the 'main' line which of the twelve volunteer lines was shortest.

The volunteers totally had their act together. You had to state your name and year of birth, and they'd find you on the rolls, then ask you your address, then double-check 'full name' and birth year again before you signed the little electronic pad to receive your paper ballot and your 'stub'.

Then you took the ballot to one of more than fifty (five rows with about 10-15 standup booths each plus three or four sitdown ones for people with mobility issues) booths and completed your ballot with the pen provided, filling in the little ovals COMPLETELY.

Which I did.

For every single candidate that had "Democrat" listed under their name. And turned it over and voted on the amendments and bond issues.

Then took it to one of two scanner machines. Short line there, only two people ahead of me, handed them my 'stub' and ballot, put the ballot in the scanner, got a receipt and a sticker and I was done.

Mister Bright was right behind me.

We went back out through the 'porch' area and the line was EVEN LONGER. It was about a quarter to one by then.

The early voting site is open noon to eight p.m. Tuesday through Friday and ten a.m. to six p.m. Saturday, until November 3rd.

If the lines stay that long we will have a record turnout, not just for a midterm year, but in all of New Mexico history.


Weehands McNodick is now absolutely right about ONE THING...

Hear me out! (or, well... read me out, I guess...)

Let's talk about that one thing. He started banging on about it way back on the campaign trail.

He used it to gin up his numbnuts base, to stoke their outrage against the leaders responsible.

Then he promised to fix it. To make it right again.

Cast your minds back, remember?

He hooted on about how "other nations" think we're patsies. They can fuck with us, with impunity. Shaft us in trade deals, laugh at us behind our backs, sell us a bill of goods that benefits them and leaves us with egg on our faces.

He fed the mouth-breathers' outraged 'manhood' with the garbage about how any bad actor country in the world could snooker Uncle Sam because our leaders weren't Real Manly Men who would Stand Up for the Red White and Blue (especially the WHITE!) and Throw Down with those nasty foreigners.

"They're laughing at us!" he would tell the hate-slavering wankfesters at his rallies back then.

Back then, of course, it wasn't true.

BUT NOW IT IS, and bless his shrivelled little whatever organ is in that massive lard-torso that keeps him breathing, HE'S THE ONE WHO MADE IT SO!

They're laughing at us, all right.

They've put it over on us, big time.

North Korea.



Saudi Arabia.

They've all figured out exactly how to play us, by PLAYING HIM.

We are now the Top Mark for every geopolitical bunco hustler and flimflam gangsta out there. Our former allies can only stand back, shaking their heads in a kind of horrified regret, watching us take every bait, fall for every scam from the worst actors on the globe.

So yep, he's right, now, about America's image in the world.

And it's all down to him.

Hope he's real proud of that. He and all his knuckle-dragging sploogefest drooler fans.


Okay, I've learned my lesson: EWF Lives Matter

Entitled White Fratboy Lives Matter.

Now that I get that, I'll head back into the kitchen and keep stumm. I have learned my place.

You don't need to worry any more.

I know that whatever an EWF feels entitled to matters more than the trauma of millions of women.

I know that whoever is bullied by an EWF probably deserved it, and it wasn't that big a deal anyway, so quit whining about it.

Whoever stands between an EWF and what they want deserves whatever happens to them, regardless of how cruel or traumatic it may be.

So, okay, I get this now.

You win, EWFs and your enablers.

Enjoy your victory!


Party down!

Once and for all, you've shown me. And millions of other women.

We are totally cowed.

We're anxious to make amends.

From our place, of course.

So take another victory lap, and another.

Order a few more kegs of brewskis and party hearty!

Enjoy the Brave Old World you've snatched back from the brink of extinction.

Keep enjoying it.

Now that we're all properly defeated, of course, you don't even need to bother to leave the frat house on November 6th. Y'all will win in a landslide. Keep the house, even increase the majority, yep.

Sure you will!


very humbly,

We Are Survivors.

I survived being sexually assaulted.

I survive the assumption, every day, by a patriarchal culture, that my value as a human being is less than the value of someone with a penis.

I survive a system rigged to pay me less, disregard my autonomy, snatch control of my body from me.

I can say this, from my experience:

The judicial system of the United States of America WILL survive having an entitled, vindictive, childish patriarchal asshole foisted into its highest level.

America, our institutions, our ideals, our will to freedom and self-governance, our beliefs in equity and the ability of humanity to become better than our worst instincts, is stronger than the vicious, mediocre, greedy assholes who are battering it from within.

As I have experienced damage, and it has affected my life in painful ways, America experiences damage, and is painfully affected.

This is not damage that heals quickly, or without deep pain.

But I survived, and I am stronger for that survival. As I live, and learn, and will to be better than the fear and the self-doubt and the pain I've embraced as my allotment, America will do also.

I am not giving up.

I will NEVER give up.

I will continue to survive.

I will continue to speak out.

I will continue to learn.

So will America.

I don't "believe" this: I KNOW this.

I will sleep well, even if the Supreme Court takes the kind of damage the entitled patriarchal oligarchs are detemined to inflict upon it.

I will sleep well, and I will rise, and I will stretch and eat well and exercise and look after the amazing gift of this life, because my voice is needed.

I will continue this struggle, and I will do it with JOY.

And in being a happy warrior I will deal them the ultimate defeat.


What "youthful mistakes" tell us

A lot of talk right now about how we shouldn't judge someone based on their "youthful mistakes". Or at least, not let "youthful mistakes" ruin current prospects, twenty and more years later...

Because, of course, we've all made them.

Most of us do dumb shit when we're young. Most of us make a few poor choices.

But see, here's the thing:

What kind of dumb shit did you do?

Me, I mooned after rock n' roll bands, hitchhiked to concert venues, absorbed mood-altering substances, turned down some help I might have benefited from, spent money I didn't have, lied to my parents about who my friends were and what we were doing, went to a wapatuli party at the ag frat, told no one about being sexually assaulted, turned down help (again) for depression, stayed in some pretty shitty jobs, did a couple of sex-related things I'd be terribly embarrassed about if pictures ever surfaced... there may be more but that's the stuff that sticks in my memory.

You know what I didn't do?

Assault anyone.

Bully anyone (except myself).

Deny anyone their basic human rights.

Deliberately try to injure someone else's reputation or get them into trouble.

I'm not saying I have no amends to make from that period of my life. I've made some, I'll make more when it's possible. People do hurt each other without intent, and thoughtlessness can have some dismaying unintended consequences.

I have no ambitions for the type of public service that would require a high-level security clearance or scrupulous examination of past errors and their implications, but if I were called to such, I hope I could be forthright about it, and let others decide whether the character I've accumulated over my entire life, and the actions I've taken, both stupid and hopefully better-considered, both youthfully and in maturity, made me suited for such service.

No one is exempt from making youthful mistakes. Examining the TYPE of youthful mistake is the important thing. What does it say about a person's character then? And can you see, in the years since then, whether that character has grown in the same direction, or taken a different course?


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