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Speaker Pelosi seems to be quietly revealing the grand strategy.

If the Senate holds a two-week show trial and clears him...

...the NEXT impeachment investigation and the NEXT set of hearings will begin shortly.

Will it be emoluments?

Will it be obstructing the Mueller investigation?

Will it be any of a number of other clearly impeachable offenses for which the six House Committees, staff, and counsel are receiving new high-quality evidence almost daily?

Stay tuned.

[Redacted] may indeed go down in history as the first-- and hopefully ONLY-- office holder under the U.S. Constitution to be impeached MULTIPLE TIMES.

And each time will contribute to the loss of another GOP Senate seat, as they continue the striptease down to their sleazy, suppurating, scaly skins and reveal the pathetic losers within.


How To Identify a Non-Asshole Billionaire

Billionaires are apparently having a Big Sad.

They hear people talking about them being assholes, and wanting the government to take money from them, and they are upset! "We are not assholes!" they claim.

And this, fellow progressives, is TRUE. It is possible for a billionaire NOT to be an asshole.

There are approximately 2600 billionaires in the world, and about 600 of them claim to be Americans.

Which of the 600 are NOT assholes?

Use this handy chart to identify Non-Asshole Billionaires:

A Non-Asshole Billionaire:

1. Is aware that they did not become a billionaire all on their own. They recognize the role that inheritance, a capitalist economic and regulatory structure, and/or a robust American infrastructure (transportation, educated workforce, copyright protections, hundreds of other factors) may have played in the accumulation of their wealth.

2. Regards a billion or more dollars as a more than ample amount and does not feel compelled, for reasons of ego or insecurity, to engage in additional wealth accumulation other than as a side effect of their existing wealth or any ongoing innovation or creativity they pursue for the enjoyment of the activity, not the wealth.

3. Generally refrained from harmful, vicious and exploitative (however legal they may be) practices that degraded the sustainability of the planet and/or impoverished vast sections of the labor force, to accrue their wealth.

4. Makes no effort to hide or move their wealth offshore to "protect" it from playing a productive role in the overall American economy that supported the accrual of said wealth.

5. Understands the economic and social responsibility that comes with vast wealth and willingly pays taxes, supports maintaining and growing the infrastructure that benefits everyone, and engages in non-self-serving philanthropic activities on a scale commensurate with their wealth- although often anonymously. Because for the Non-Asshole Billionaire, it's not about the props.

6. Is aware of the perilous (both for individuals, and for a society) nature of inherited wealth at such a scale, and supports inheritance tax and implements philanthropic bequests that will leave their family's inheritance sufficient to ensure financial security and well-being, but not create a hereditary oligarchy.

So that's it- a handy checklist of six items that can be used to identify a Non-Asshole Billionaire.

You can use this the next time the Billionaire Next Door whines about not being an asshole, why are they being picked on?

Journalists, feel free to use this in interviews and profiles of Billionaires, to identify the Non-Assholes and call out the rest.


Requesting supportive energy and prayer from this community for my Mom.

She is nearly 90, and facing a difficult surgery for intestinal blockage.

They wouldn't be pursuing the surgical option at all if she weren't physically pretty robust, so there is reason to be hopeful of a good outcome. But she's also dealing with memory issues and the hospitalization and recovery will be very challenging for her.

It's a painful time. She's been hanging on in her half-duplex but really needs more help on a day to day basis, so we were hoping to get her participation in moving to an assisted living apartment. She was very conflicted about it, and was supposed to leave Monday for a visit to me, to discuss and relax a bit, while my sister in the Twin Cities did some prep and groundwork-laying for the move.

She began experiencing mild discomfort on Sunday but assumed it was something minor. She got all the way on the airplane before her distress became acute-- props to the Delta Crew who deplaned her and waited with her while my sister was called back from dropping her off, to take her to the emergency room.

The intestinal blockage was diagnosed quickly and they hoped it would clear with IV fluids and hospital supervision, but that doesn't seem to be happening.

Hold her in the Light, send good thoughts. This is a powerful community and I'm glad you're here.

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