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No mass arrests.

"Mass arrests" are a tactic of authoritarian regimes in which dozens or hundreds of people are rounded up and confined because of who they are- an ethnic group, a religious group, an opposing political party, whatever. That's wrong, that's stupid, that's undemocratic and it's also unconstitutional.

What I want is individual arrests, backed by evidence and investigation, of people whose ACTIONS, including violence, harassment, terrorist threats, etc., constitute criminal conduct.

Let's be clear about the distinction.

We don't do "mass arrests."

We arrest suspected criminals, on credible evidence. We confine them awaiting trial ONLY when credible evidence also exists that granting them bail poses either further danger to the pubic, or substantial risk of their flight from justice. But we DO confine them, then.

We bring them to trial ONLY when a grand jury has reviewed the evidence and determines it constitutes sufficient reason for an indictment.

This is what makes us better than people who do mass arrests, who round up and confine people because of the color of their skin, the beliefs they hold, the language they speak, or their culture of origin.

We have, right now, hundreds of criminals at large and yes, many of them pose a danger to the public, and all of them need to be held accountable for their crimes.

Investigate and arrest each one.

It may amount to a large number.

But NO "mass arrests."


"Making Martyrs"

I do actually understand the argument: Always choose the least confrontational, lowest-level response that will get you out of the situation for now. Defuse it, wait for heads to cool, work on a long-term strategy that saves face and allows compromise. In the long run, this will pay off as it is less likely escalate the opposition, provoke backlash, and/or make martyrs that harden the division.

I get that argument, I really do. You can, if you're so inclined, point to anything that was "forced on" the reactionary xenophobic misogynist racist segment of America's population, and identify it as the "reason" they got worse.

Forcing busing on them provoked the destruction of the public education system, for example.

The minor victories that led to the never-ratified ERA also handed the most toxic exploiters of evangelical Christianity the anti-abortion movement as a recruitment and fundraising tool.

And on, and on.

It boils down to "Don't piss them off more, they'll only get worse and find ways to do more damage."


But AT WHAT POINT do we finally say "Not pissing them off has encouraged and enabled and empowered them to get worse and do more damage"?

AT WHAT POINT do we look at the tote board and run the numbers and say that the softly, softly approach has resulted in thousands of deaths by gun violence, uncounted and uncountable deaths from police brutality, incalculable economic disruption condemning millions to poverty, hopelessness and escalating pain that will break out in violence anew down the roade?

AT WHAT POINT do we STOP accepting the both-sidesism and the all-points-of-view-are-valid-even-the-ones-based-in-fear-and-hate?

AT WHAT POINT do we cease to tenderly brood over the tragic dysphoria, anxiety and painful anomie of those seeing centuries of privilege about to be undone and focus on the centuries of lived experience of pain and oppression and inequity?

AT WHAT POINT do we draw a line and say "We want our communities to reflect the best values of humankind and work for sustainable futures for all of our future generations, and if that means making rules, holding people accountable, and valuing responsible adult behavior and attitudes over the free-spirited transgressive childishness of instant gratification and self-centered wish fulfillment, then SO BE IT?"

AT WHAT POINT do we recognize that our reluctance to "make martyrs" among the most vain, willfully ignorant, fearful, greedy and childish of our fellow-citizens will result in MAKING MARTYRS among the most caring, selfless, mature, and altruistic of our fellow-citizens?

Martyrs will be made, no matter what.

But which ones are we going to end up with?



We know who they are.

Their names, the offices they hold, and their seditious statements and actions are on public record.

Expel them from office and ban them from holding any public office, elected or appointed, ever again.

This is what should happen.

It won't, though.


"What are they doing? Why didn't they stop this? Etcetera." It's the EVIDENCE, friends.

I've lost count of the cries to the effect of "They knew something like this was in the works, why didn't they stop it?"

About today's attempted coup d'twat, about Russian hacking, about the impeachable shenanigans of [Redacted], about the corruption of Loeffler and other oligarchic greedheads, and on and on and on.

I've figured out "What they're doing."

They are letting the criminals supply incontrovertible evidence of their crimes, IN PUBLIC, ON RECORD, ON REPRODUCIBLE RECORDED MEDIA.

It is that quality of evidence that is needed for them to be able to effectively go after the offenders.

This has been made necessary by decades of GOP claims that crimes haven't happened, that there's no real evidence, that it wasn't that bad, etc., and actually selling that bullshit to 74 million Americans.

Sit back, watch closely, make copies.

This is just beginning.


What next? Perhaps "Donald and the Kodan Armada"

Some of you will get the reference right away. More detail here.

Very basically, "The Last Starfighter" is an 80's film about an Earth lad whose video-game prowess results in him being "recruited" by an alien to return to the Rylan Federation and help them fight an apocalyptic battle against "Xur and the Kodan Armada". Apparently Rylan space fighter ships' gunnery controls are a lot like 1980s video game controls. It's an amusing film, I may re-watch it again one of these days.

But the detail in the Rylan Federation backstory is what's relevant, here.

See, "Xur", who is bringing the massive evil armada from the Kodan Empire to conquer and subjugate the Rylans, is himself a Rylan.

And we learn, in various quick shots of him in the Kodan flagship, that not only is he doing this because he has a serious booboo lip from the Rylans not recognizing his wonderfulness and letting him become their permanent ruler, but he's essentially being used as a patsy by the Kodans.

So, America. I'd keep an eye out for Kodans.

If [Redacted] can find 'em, they'll be here, armed for bear.

May I suggest starting the search at Vosdvizhenka d.1., Moscow 121019?

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