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The GOP has a fig leaf problem.

Just about everything they do is motivated by fear.

Fear of people "different" than the terrified whiteboiz and their enablers: Racism, misogyny, xenophobia, etc.

Fear of their own inadequacy and inability to cope without structural privileges: Greed, violence, etc.

Of course, they can't admit to those fears.

So each self-justification involves a fig leaf of "patriotism" or "law and order" or "protecting the unborn" or whatever.

And every time their hypocrisy is exposed for what it is, the fig leaf gets a little smaller, and a little thinner.

Which... isn't good, for them. Eventually, there will be no fig leaf left, and what that exposes, won't be pretty.

Pretty small, but not pretty.


I would like to see each insurrectionist in the justice system required to answer this question:

Ask this question quite seriously, and give them the option of replying on video, or in writing, but require them to answer it in detail. In fact, train questioners to ask the question and any followup question needed to elicit adequate detail in the response.

"Why did you think what you were doing was okay?" (Have the questioner add details from the defendant's indictment, such as "Why did you think spraying a capitol police officer with bear spray was okay?" or "Why did you think smashing a window was okay?" or "Why did you think putting your feet on the Speaker's desk was okay?" )

And when they advance the initial reason (such as "the election was stolen" or "because tyranny" or "Q told me to" or whatever dorkshit justification they cite) the followup has to be, "But why is (thing they did) the okay thing to do in that situation? Why THAT thing?"

Ask non-judgmentally, there are no right/wrong answers here. The purpose is to understand the kind of mental processes that allow an individual to engage in these activities, and provide data - lots of data - for researchers, people in the justice system, sentencing judges, potential drafters of regulations/laws, law enforcement analysts, etc.

It would be valuable, if (I imagine) depressing information.

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