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Don't you get it? Authoritarian followers don't care about Gingrich's hypocrisy

The Authoritarians

First off, authoritarians don't do Cognitive dissonance.

Anne: I'm not a violent person.
Anne: *throws tantrum ending with chair through window*
Bob: Wasn't that a violent action?
Anne: Yes, but that doesn't make me a violent person.
Bob: OK, define "violent person".
Anne: "Violent people perform violent actions".
Bob: You just performed a violent action.
Anne: So?

That would make a reality-based person's head hurt. They seem to be immune.

Authoritarian followers believe that their authoritarian leaders may do anything it takes to become a more powerful leader, even (and especially) if it violates the exact principals they are espousing. Hence they will see Newt dumping a wife because "she's not pretty enough to be a President's wife" as a good thing. In fact, it's probably a dog whistle to the Republican base that he's got the ambition/greed/whatever to pursue American imperialism/dominionism to its bitter end.

Also, authoritarian followers will support anyone who spouts the right rhetoric/dog whistles even if neither one of them follows those values. Everything in the authoritarian world is about appearances, not actual values or reality. I grew up with this in the 50's. You could be starving your kids, beating your wife and cheating on your taxes, but as long as your white picket fence was painted, you were good to go.

I'm betting on Gingrich as the Republican candidate. The Evangelicals will never vote for a Mormon. Santorum is too wimpy and Kennedy already broke the Catholic barrier.
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