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They tested my IQ in Grade 1

Because I didn't fit in socially in kindergarten, the administration figured I was "slow" and put me into the "slow" grade 1 class. My mother caused all kinds of havoc and eventually an IQ test was administered. I vaguely remember it consisting of matching stuff through logic puzzles.

I worked away at it and soon announced, "OK, I'm done - now what?" The test administrator gave me a look of abject horror and announced, "I don't know. You're not supposed to be able to finish the test."

The next day, I was sitting in class working on a project that consisted primarily of cutting out pictures of cows and pasting them into a book, when the principal came in, gathered up my stuff, roughly hauled me out of class and dumped me into the mainstream Grade 1 class, where I didn't know anybody and had missed some of the work, but soon caught up.

Still can't identify cows worth a damn.

Alberta Wildrose Party platform says no global warming

Danielle Smith: Climate Change Science 'Not Settled' ]

EDMONTON - The woman leading a front-running party in Alberta's provincial election has cast doubt on the widely accepted scientific theory that human activity is a leading cause of global warming.

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith made the comment in an online leaders debate organized by two Alberta newspapers.

"We have always said the science isn't settled and we need to continue to monitor the debate," said Smith in response to a direct question from a reader.

I heard this on the drive into work and damn near caused an accident.

This woman and her party have completely lost it. The problem is, the polls are saying they may win a majority government.

Alberta election - Wild Rose party leader Danielle Smith backpedals from supporter blog entry


Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith stood by a controversial Edmonton candidate Sunday, refusing to condemn a blog post decrying tolerance toward gays and lesbians.

Smith said her party accepts a wide range of views and has no plans to legislate on contentious moral issues.

In a June 2011 blog, Edmonton-South-West candidate Allan Hunsperger, a pastor with The House church in Tofield, referenced the Lady Gaga hit song Born this Way and said gay people can choose "to not live the way they were born."


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