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I've got a Wheaton Terrier, an Irish herding dog

When we go to the dog park he tries to herd the other dogs. It doesn’t go well.

One time a bunch of owners were standing around chatting and their dogs were doing their thing. Two males started ganging up on a female and she was growling and starting to retaliate. We’re talking big dogs here. I said, “Bear, break it up.” He charged right into the melee of dogs twice his size, barking his head off. The other dogs stopped what they were doing to stare at him going giving the various owners time to grab their dogs, then call Bear a good dog.

Edmonton police stabbing, truck rampage being investigated as acts of terrorism

Source: Global Edmonton

Links and everything as they become available

Police officer injured at football game

UHaul truck ran down pedestrians on Jasper Avenue

Read more: https://globalnews.ca/news/3778626/edmonton-police-member-stabbed-near-commonwealth-source/?utm_source=%40GlobalEdmonton&utm_medium=Twitter

I may have heard shots fired.
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