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I facilitated a Christmas Miracle

Last night I was driving down the road and came upon a dog running loose. When I got out to investigate it ran up to a lady and was bothering her dog, who was getting angry. She was shouting for help. To defuse the situation I made come hither gestures and the dog came over and jumped into my car.

I phoned Bylaw Enforcement but nobody was available and they suggested bringing him to a 24 hour vet which I did. They were not able to take him but did check for licence and chip. No dice.

Not wanting to leave him outside in freezing weather I took him back where I found him and told him to take me home. He took off at a run dragging me behind and ran up to a house with a “beware of dog” sign on it. I knocked but no one came to the door but a little yap dog. Then he tried the house next door but lost interest. I gave up, brought him home, found a cage big enough to hold him and we settled in for the night. My dogs and cats were not amused.

I got onto social media and discovered someone at the vet clinic had already started a thread so I contributed what I knew. Other people joined in.

Christmas morning I got a phone call warning me to check social media. The owner had been found. A quick phone call to check particulars only the owner would know, a two minute minute drive and dog and owner were reunited. Turns out they did live at the house next door.

I'm confused. Is Trump against embroidery?


So how much of The Wall has actually been built?

One would presume somebody would have noticed something what with Trumpf claiming there’s miles and miles of it.

Wouldn’t there be a paper trail of building permits or environmental impact statements?

***Clarification - I mean specifically Trump’s grand plans for a really big wall, not the existing stuff***

Whatever happened to tangerines?

They used to be a Christmas treat here. We’d never heard of Mandarin Oranges. Tangerines (yes I know they’re a type of Mandarin) were sweeter and easier to peel. The only thing I can find out is there were issues with shipping.

I got all upset because I thought I'd found maggots in my ham sandwich

The ham was leftovers from a roast. The “maggots” were rice.

Never piss off a Canada Goose


So I had my day...err...hour...err...minute in court.

I was fighting a bylaw infraction in court. The prosecutor took me aside for a pre-trial huddle where I agreed with her statement of facts, was enthusiastic about her evidence, then told my side of the story at considerable length, then challenged the bylaw officer's case. When I was getting ready to get out my evidence, used dialysis bags, she blanched and said that wouldn't be necessary. She sent me back into court to wait while she had a word with the bylaw officer.

Next thing I know she's back and telling me they're withdrawing the charges. A moment later court starts, I get up and say my full name into the mic, she gets up and says the Crown is withdrawing, then the judge says I'm free to go.

So here I was all ready to call witnesses and present evidence and quote law. Anticlimactic, really.

The psychology of a Trump supporter


Before reading my deranged ranting, you might want to have a look at the above. It's a bit old, around the time of Dubya's administration but eerily predicts the continued rise of authoritarianism, religious extremism, hardcore fundamentalism, racism and the popularity of a man like Donald Trump.

Trump supporters are afraid, live in constant fear of themselves and everybody and everything around them. This is the driving force behind their racism, xenophobia, homophobia and general fear and distrust of "the other" causing them to cling to and identity with their tribe - cisgender white evangelical "Christians". Hence they isolate themselves in a bubble, an echo chamber reinforced by fundamentalist screamer preachers, religious schools, hate radio and Fox News.

Hence, they do not have the experience of meeting people from other cultures, ethnicities and sexual orientations. These are the kind of experiences that most people would have by attending cultural events, getting information from a wide variety of sources, and attending secular institutions of higher education allowing them the opportunity of changing their world view.

They do not value thinking. Many are of a psychological type that values feeling over thinking. Their homophobia and racism is based in a fear of dirt. Who can think when overwhelmed with ick. What they call "thinking" is a mishmash of slogans, bumper stickers and logical fallacies. They are terrified of critical thinking, considering it the Devil's work because it is such an effective tool for opposing practically everything they believe in. One state's Republican Party platform includes a plank to ban its use in schools.

They place little value in actual, factual truth. They place their trust in story and myth. One favourite is the flawed man empowered by God to do great things, such as pussy grabbing, teenager molesting, thrice married Trump rising to power to place "pro-life" judges in power. They are masters of reframing - they would accept with a straight face and with no compunction calling a Bill that deregulates polluting industries a "Clean Air Act".

Finally, and scariest of all, they do not value reality itself. They are far more concerned about the afterlife, heaven or hell. They engage in a process called imminentizing the Eschaton, bringing on the Rapture. If Trump will do this by blowing us all to Kingdom Come (literally), so be it.
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