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My garage door just emailed me

Ok, this is getting ridiculous and scary.

Iím old. Iíve used a hand cranked telephone, my first computer job involved punched cards, a relative used a Model T as their working vehicle and I saw Sputnik.

My parents had a double car garage with a big metal door that you had to put up and down by hand. If the balancing spring broke you were fucked until somebody came over to fix it. Years later we got a roll up door that worked a lot better. Then along came electric garage door openers. Then they worked with a remote.

Telephones progressed to rotary with relays then push button with tones. Then my workplace handed me a mobile phone the size and weight of a brick. Computers went from mechanical to tubes to transistors to ICs to this god forsaken monster Iím holding right now.

It bemused me that I now use my ďtelephoneĒ to open my garage door. Now itís bitching it wants a new battery and knows what kind.

Are we far from Skynet?
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