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First time at a canabis store

Craftygal is a kidney patient and has issues with nausea, migraine headaches and pain. Traditional medicine isn’t doing the trick so out of curiosity I dropped into a local cannabis store. There’s two within walking distance of my house.

The store is in a strip mall. When they moved in they completely redid the place. The windows are greyed out with one way viewable plastic so you can see out but not in.

When you go in past the big sign saying “you must be 18+ to enter. ID mandatory” there’s a big rectangular counter with 3 people inside. They were young and well but casually dressed. Overhead are big TV displays with brands and prices.

A approached one of the people, explained Craftygal’s situation and that I’m a truck driver and can’t be contaminated with THC. He brought me around to the other side of the counter where there were more TV displays of canabis in pill form. After a disclaimer that they were unable to offer medical advice a long discussion ensued with everybody contributing on the merits of combinations of CBD and THC. We eventually settled upon a bottle of 15 pills of something or other for $CAN20 + tax. I paid up and was sent over into a cubbyhole in the corner where another clerk dispensed it.

Everybody was friendly and knowledgeable and I intend to go back.
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