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Member since: 2001
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Found an amazing Twitch channel

Playing an anti-trump video


The name of the class is Critical Thinking

...opposition to which the Texas Republican Party has/had in their platform *.

*Itís not quite that simple but close enough


Suckered in again

At least I can sort of see where the didnít go to the moon people are coming from. There was a movie came out around that time that laid it all out -Capricorn One. The plot was there wasnít enough money to go to Mars so they faked it to raise the money to actually go to Mars but people started figuring it out and it went downhill from there.

The problem with this is that ham radio operators, astronomers and the Russians were watching the whole thing and would rat them out. Also with technology of the time, it would be easier to go to the moon than to fake going to the moon.

Itís the flat earthers that drive me batshit. They have obviously never been anywhere. I used the live in Niagara Falls Ontario and would drive to Toronto to shop. As you got close you could see the CN Tower poking up out of Lake Ontario and gradually getting taller as you approached.

I also got to go to Europe. I had a compass with me so I always knew what direction the airplane was flying. I was also heavily into astronomy so I knew what was and wasnít supposed to be in the sky. That, combined with all the time zone changes, let me know exactly where I was on the globe.

A flat earthier whose never left his home town doesnít get it.

I could have sworn that was a quote from somewhere

Lord of the Rings or something

I googled it and all I got was a page full of hits on Alzheimerís, dementia and memory loss.

Should I take that as a hint?

Not because it is true, but because it is emotionally necessary

Just heard an excellent explanation as to why the German people in 1918 and current MAGAists are unable to accept current reality.

In 1918 a conspiracy theory was rampant that German surrendered not for legitimate reasons but because of a conspiracy backed by Communists and Hews. At the time it was easier to emotionally accept this rather than reality.

Weíre seeing the same thing now with Trump and his authoritarian followers. Iím certain that many are Jungian feeling types where actually thinking takes a distant second. Trump is telling them how to feel and a convenient excuse to feel that way.

Biden takes the lead in Georgia

Source: CNN

Biden ahead by 917 votes

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/trump-biden-election-results-11-05-20/index.html

I think I've had it and didn't know

My "normal" temperature is 36 C. For most people it's 37 so that's what they use for the base line. I'm old and going through male menopause which means brutal hot flashes that leave me feeling crappy and exhausted.

For about 3 weeks my temperature was 37, I felt feverish and just plain crappy but was able to stumble through work, where I had my temperature taken and the usual battery of questions. I was also getting daily hot flashes.

Since I didn't know for sure what was making me feel crappy and I wasn't officially "running a fever" I assumed I was OK. Then they added a "do you feel feverish" question but by that time I was feeling better.

I can't go get tested for the usual perverse logic of if I'm not tested, I haven't had it, but if I test positive for having had it and gotten over it, I can't work.

U.S. drops tariffs on Canadian aluminum, avoiding retaliation

Source: CTV news

OTTAWA -- The United States is lifting its 10 per cent tariff on Canadian aluminum, retroactive to Sept. 1, backing down from the trade dispute just hours before Canadian retaliatory measures were to be announced.

This major move was announced by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. In a statement, the top American trade official cited ďconsultationsĒ with Canadian officials and an expectation that trading of aluminum is likely to balance out in the months ahead, as why the Americans decided to withdraw what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called ďunjustĒ tariffs.

Read more: https://beta.ctvnews.ca/national/politics/2020/9/15/1_5105292.html

Canada declares economic war on US and wins

You are aware that Trump's implications about Covid in Democratic areas is a logical fallacy, right?

Itís called Fallacy of the Undivided Middle and relates to Correlation is not Causation.

Hereís the structure:

All cows are brown.
My dog is brown.
Therefore my dog is a cow.

Letís say one of the main reasons for a cluster of Covid cases is crowding such as in urban areas. Urban areas tend to vote Democratic. See where Iím going?

Rescued a gosling in a parking lot

Couldnít make it up the curb. Gave it a boost and improvised a ramp out of some junk. Daddy honked thanks and flapped his wings.
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