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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,988

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I'm not a heavy Apple or iCloud user, but can you save your icloud emails to your laptop?

Most people who have iCloud accounts keep their emails in the cloud, not on their laptop. I did a quick Google search, and it's a rather involved process to save emails locally.

I say this because the Hunter Biden emails in the NY Post article are from his iCloud address. If so, how would they be on his laptop?

Article on saving iCloud emails locally:

The lesson for Democrats to learn from the Barret nomination is this.

We're in much a different political world. The Republican party knows that it cannot continue as it is given the massive demographic changes on the horizon. They have abandoned appealing to groups who do not historically support them. So, they're trying to hang on to power by rigging our entire government to minimize the political power of the emerging demographic class.

Instead of reaching across the aisle, Democrats need to maximize their political and economic power to ensure that our power is not minimized. This entails strategies like early voting to overcome vote suppression. Ending the filibuster. Possible expansion of the SCOTUS. Statehood for DC and PR.

Republicans are not your colleagues. They're your adversaries. Deal with them like it.

After they've taken over the courts, will the Republicans even need to win elections any more?

Is Judge Barrett the Republicans' endgame? Is putting conservative judges on the federal bench the entire reason why the Republicans put up with Trump and his mouth-breather base?

And now that it's complete, do the Republicans even need to win elections any more? Anything that the Democrats and Progressives want to do on health care, the economy, education, labor, social justice, you name it, the conservative court can strike it down for generations.

So, the Dems can blow out the Republicans in the coming elections, take over congress and the Whitehouse, but will it be an empty victory?

See Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's presentation today:

The Worlds of The Expanse (no spoilers)

A really great explanation of the universe of the TV show, The Expanse. No spoilers at all.

A lot of SciFi fans have fantasized about seeing Mark Hamil and Patrick Stewart work together.

And it's a fucking Uber commercial. Kids, be careful of what you wish for:

WTAF is wrong with people?

Today, I went into a Starbucks, and as soon as I walked in, there was a guy blowing his nose into a napkin right over the counter where you get napkins. He blew his nose twice in the store.

Now, yes, he did use a napkin, and yes, he did pull up his mask afterwards. But, that napkin cannot catch every particle being projected out of his nose. Also, he could have stepped outside to do it as well.

Needless to say, I walked right out after seeing him blow his nose. Won't be back in that Starbucks again.

A belated congrats to Sue Bird and the Seattle Storm on winning the WNBA championship

A little tip. If you ever get the pleasure of being invited to Sue and Megan Rapinoe's house, wear shades. The bling from their trophy case will blind you.

A walking tour of Boston in the rain

Since I cannot travel, these walking tours are the next best thing:

Patrick Stewart on meeting Sting on Dune

Ever heard that saying: "No flies on you"?

no flies on one
One is wide awake; there is nothing slow or dull about one. For example, She may be new to this field, but there are no flies on her. This slangy expression, which alludes to flies settling on a sluggish animal, was being used in Australia in the 1840s but did not appear in America until the last decades of the 1800s.


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