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Dear False Equivalency Racist Asshats,

Okay, I've heard Anne Coulter cite one and now Drudge has a cover story about one. In each instance, they cite examples of White people being killed by African Americans, and ask, "Where's the outrage?" vs the outrage over Treyvon's murder.

Here's the one key fact that these racist asshats miss. Both murderers in both cases that they cite have been arrested and are being tried. Some of the murderers have been found guilty. TREYVON'S MURDERER IS WALKING FREE WITHOUT EVEN BEING CHARGED.

It's a bullshit racist false equivalency. Because an African American murders someone, then it's okay to kill any African American on the street? Is that what they're saying?

This Will Be The Republican Healh Care Plan If The ACA Is Struck Down

The Republicans, and the health insurance industry, will contrive of a way to sell healh insurance policies across state lines, and those policies WILL NOT be regulated by any federal, state, local, or whatever regulator.

And then this is what will happen, a unscrupulous health insurer will set up shop in the most unregulated state. They will issue policies wherein they can cancel at any time for any reason. So, as soon as you make a claim, they can cancel your policy, and not pay a dime on your claim, even though you've paid a premium to them for years. Even more, they won't be obligated to even give you a reason.

Now, you may ask, why would people buy such a policy? The people may not, but their employers will. These policies will be cheaper than the standard policies, and the Republicans will be able to claim that they solved the health care problem.

That is until it all comes crashing down like the deregulated financial industry.

If the ACA Is Abolished, Then It's Pure Battle between Private Health Ins. and Single Payer

There will be no more compromises. If the individual mandate is unconstitutional then so too will an employer mandate be as well. That means that we will be left with the current system that we have which is not sustainable.

As health insurance premiums rise faster than the rate of inflation, employers will drop the benefit. As more employers drop the benefit, the premiums will rise, and on and on.

Then insurance companies will begin hiking deductibles, refusing coverage for even more procedures, etc. etc.

Soon, the clamor for a Single Payer system will, and it could upset the Democratic party as the base of the party will demand that its leaders fight for a pure Single Payer which means that the more conservative Dems will be in complete conflict with the base.

Ending the ACA will either be the path to Single Payer or no insurance at all for the majority of Americans.

Republican Controlled State Governments Are Creating A National Authoritarian State

State by state. Law by law. We are seeing the emergence of a national fascist/authoritarian state:

1. Give the police the power to arrest and detain people if they cannot instantly prove their citizenship.

2. Enact unnecessary regulations that restrict a woman's right to choose and even invades a woman's body.

3. Allow the citizenry the right to use deadly force whenever they "feel threatened" which is an absurd standard.

4. Deny public employees the right to collectively organize and bargain with their employers.

5. Create arbitrary standards of proof to vote in elections.

Piece by piece, they are creating an authoritarian state that intrudes on the rights of the individual, and gives power to the racial majority to arrest the minority, to deny the minority the right to vote, and to literally kill racial and ethnic minorities.

Seth Rogen's Movie "Observe and Report" Will Give You Insight into Zimmerman

In the movie, Rogen plays an over-zealous mall security guard who is also a nut job. His dream is to become a police officer, but he fails his psych exam.

Watch the movie and you will get an insight into Zimmerman, with one key difference. Rogen's character is not allowed to carry a gun.

Tim Tebow Traded to the NY Jets

Link has been added.

--On Edit--

Unusually quiet in recent weeks, the New York Jets shattered the calm Wednesday by completing a trade for polarizing quarterback Tim Tebow, the team confirmed.

The Jets will send a fourth-round pick to the Denver Broncos, a source said.

Link: http://espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/story/_/id/7718133/new-york-jets-acquire-tim-tebow-4th-round-pick

Saints Coach Sean Payton Suspended for a Year

Link added. Saints have also been docked two second round picks. Gregg Williams suspended indefinitely.


Under FLA's Stand Your Ground Law, An African American Man Can Shoot Zimmerman

because he will feel threatened and scared when he sees him on the street. Is that correct?

No Matter How Crazy They Get, The Republican Party Won't Abandon Its Base

The true constituency of the Republican party is the 1%. That's really who the Republicans work for and pass legislation for. However, by definition, the 1% do not have enough votes to win a "fair" election.

So, the Republicans need a loyal base whose primary interests do not conflict with those of the 1%. The Republican base care about abortion, contraception, prayer in school, God, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, etc. None of these things in any way conflict with the needs of the 1%.

Without the base, the Republicans would not be able to control the South which gives them a lot of votes in Congress.

Thus, the Republican base will get crazier and crazier, but do not look for the Republican party to do anything about it. They can't. They are nothing without their base.

Do You Think That Mitt Romney Has Any Working Class or Poor Friends?

And no, his servants and staffers do not count. I am talking about being friends with people who are not stinking rich.
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