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Spain vs. Italy-- Which nation has the better food?

Forget the Euro championship. At better competition would be, which nation has the better food.

For Those Opposed to the ACA, How Can Single Payer Get Through This Senate?

Please tell me how single payer can pass a senate wherein two sitting Democratic senators won't even attend this year's convention. How?

Elect 60 Progressive senators? Good luck trying to get progressives senators elected in Alabama, Miss., Texas, KY, etc.

Reform filibuster rules? Good luck on that one as well.

Protests? Marches? Demonstrations? Yeah, because OWS was soooo successful.

Discrimination Against Millions of Our Fellow Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions End!

They will now be able to purchase life-saving health insurance, and that's a major cause for celebration.

I, like many here, wanted a single-payer system, but we live in a world where two sitting Dem. senators won't even attend the friggin Democratic national convention. So, I don't know how you're going to get them to vote for cloture on a single-payer bill of any kind.

Bottom line, pure single payer won't happen here for another generation or so. The ACA is the best that we can do in the short term.

Congrats to America.

My Neighbor, A Nice Elderly Lady, Had Her Little Dog Stolen on Sunday

We live in the West Village in NYC. She lives on the top floor. We have stairs, no elevator in the bldg. After the Pride parade on Sunday, groups of people stroll through the neighborhood. Many of them ring all the buzzers the apartment buildings in order to urinate in the lobby. When they rung the elderly lady's buzzer, she thought that the kids in the bldg were buzzing her. Her little dog ran out and down the stairs. The people that rang the bell saw the dog and stole her. At first, the lady was confused and didn't catch on about what happened. Then, she rushed down the stairs, but her dog was long gone. The police could not help her as they were managing the crowds.

The elderly lady is absolutely devastated. I know her and her dog, Trixie, a Yorkie, very well. Trixie would race me up each flight of stairs. She'd give me a lead and then rush past me to the top of the stairs. I use to call her the mayor of the building because she was so friendly to everyone. I'm very sad about this as well.

What Exactly Is Porn? How Do You Define It? Who Defines It?

Yes, another porn thread. Why not. My question is what exactly is porn? How does one define it? Who or what will define it? Some will say hardcore sexual acts is porn. Some will say HBO shows, True Blood and Game of Thrones, are porn. What about books like Shades of Grey or even the Bible? What about paintings? Photographs? Sculptures?

So, what exactly is porn? Also, who will decide what is and what is not porn?

Anyone Here A Member of the Freelancers Union?

If you are, can you offer any insight into their health benefits? How are they? I may go freelance next year, and the big sticking point is healthcare. I can get it through the Freelancers Union, so I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with them.


Abuses Animals + Leads A Gang to Attack a Kid + Likes to Dress Up and act as a Policeman =

Serial Killer.

For L.A. DUers, How Is The Subway Working Out?

Do people take it? Does it work? Is it any good?

Do You Think That The Bush Family Wants Romney to Win?

Do you think that the Bush family (a.k.a. "The Lannisters" really want Romney to win the presidency? A Romney presidency pretty much ends Jeb's claim to the Iron Throne.

Aaron Sorkin Writing BioPic of Steve Jobs


I'm thinking Ralph Fiennes for the role as Jobs.

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