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Equation: Mitt Romney - His Personal Wealth = Sarah Palin

Other than his fortune, there's nothing, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, about Romney that even remotely qualifies him to be President. He's not very well versed in international affairs. He's clumsy. He's awkward. He doesn't have any clear positions other than cut taxes for the rich and start a war with Iran.

The only qualification that he brings is that he made a lot of money for a hand full of investors, and he made that money because he had access to billions of dollars in loans from banks that he pushed off onto the balance sheets of the businesses that he "rescued".

He is as clueless about domestic and international affairs as was Sarah Palin.

US Swim Team Does "Call Me Maybe"

Absolutely fantastic:

How Many of the Countries Participating in this Olympics Were Once Under British Rule?

Hong Kong

And a buttload more.

New Olympic Event: Synchronized Cat Licking of a Treat


What if James Holmes' Name Was Muhammed El Ali?

The reaction would be entirely different. We would demand that our government act.

Since 9/11, we've had the Beltway shooter, the VA Tech massacre, the Tuscon massacre, and now the Aurora shootings. Yet, as a nation, we don't demand government action. We just accept mass killings as a fact of life.


Is It Time To Leave America?

8%+ unemployment is rapidly becoming the new normal. We have a Republican party dominated by hot-headed, ignorant, racists like Michelle Bachman. We have a Democratic party that is too weak to stand up for their own principles. Rule by oligarchy has been approved by the SCOTUS. And now, we have to be armed to the teeth.

Is this the kind of country that you want to raise your children in? Is this the kind of nation that you want to grow old in and have to pay for your health care with a pathetic coupon from the govt instead of medicare? Do you want your tax dollars to pay for yet another war in Iran instead of education?

Emigrating to another nation is extremely difficult, but people do it every day when conditions in their native lands get so bad they have no choice. We're nearing that point.

I know some of you will call me a coward and say, "stay and fight". Tell me, how are you going to fight an oligarchy, the religious nut cases, and the bigots who are armed to the teeth all at the same time? With protests? Boycotts? Good luck with that.

I am preparing to leave and live else where.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" -- Edmund Burke

The common link to the Aurora, Colo. shooting and the Sandusky scandal is that there were good people who could have prevented these acts, but they did nothing.

If your child is collecting an arsenal of weapons and may go on a rampage, it's your duty to notify authorities and get him/her help and counseling.

If someone reports seeing one of your coaches molesting a child, call the authorities and turn him in.

We can have arguments about guns and individual responsibility all we want, but the bottom line is that there are people out there that commit horrible crimes, and they simply do not have the mental capacity to understand right from wrong. That's where people close to them have to step in and be the responsible party. They have to know the horror that their loved one/close associate can inflict on innocent victims, and they have to stop them.

IMHO, the parents of that Colo. shooter is just as responsible as the shooter himself, if not more than.

Without Government Building Airports, A Company Like Federal Express Would Not Be Feasible

The history of LaGuardia airport in NY:

During the Floyd Bennett experiment, La Guardia and American executives began an alternative plan to build a new airport in Queens, where it could take advantage of the new Queens-Midtown Tunnel to Manhattan. The existing North Beach Airport was an obvious location, but much too small for the sort of airport that was being planned. With backing and assistance from the Works Progress Administration, construction began in 1937.[8] Building on the site required moving landfill from Rikers Island, then a garbage dump, onto a metal reinforcing framework. The framework below the airport still causes magnetic interference on the compasses of outgoing aircraft: signs on the airfield warn pilots about the problem.[9]


The airport was dedicated on October 15, 1939, as the New York Municipal Airport, and opened for business on that December 2.[7] It cost New York City $23 million to turn the tiny North Beach Airport into a 550-acre (220 ha) modern facility. Not everyone was as enthusiastic as La Guardia about the project, some regarded it as a $40-million boondoggle. But the public was fascinated by the very idea of air travel, and thousands traveled to the airport, paid the dime fee, and watched the airliners take off and land. Two years later these fees and their associated parking had already provided $285,000, and other non-travel related incomes (food, etc.) were another $650,000 a year. The airport was soon a huge financial success. A smaller airport located in adjacent Jackson Heights, Holmes Airport, was unable to prevent the expansion of the larger airport and it closed in 1940.

That kind of infrastructure investment is what is sorely needed today, and because of that public investment, major Fortune 500 companies exist like FedEx, UPS, and internet retailers, etc.

Patty Griffin Is Really Beautiful

What The Hell Does The Republican Party Platform Offer The 18 to 30 Year Old?

If they're Latino, conservatives want to check their citizenship status at all times, deny them the right to vote, and deport them.

If they're African American, conservatives want to defund their public schools, deny them the right to vote, and put them in jail.

If they're women, conservatives want to inspect their reproductive systems at all times and defund Planned Parenthood.

If they're GBLT, conservatives want to convert them, deny their right to marry, and continue legal discrimination against them.

If they're poor, conservatives want to send their jobs overseas.

If they have student loans, conservatives want them to pay a higher interest rate.

If they're in the military, conservatives want to send them to Iran for yet another war.

Finally, conservatives want to over turn the ACA which would mean that those under 26 would be dropped from their parents' plans.

So, why in the world would anyone aged 18 to 30 ever want to support the Republican party.

What do Republicans offer America's youth?
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