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A DUer posts using the syntax of Jaqen H'gar

A DUer invites others to do the same.

The NFL Is Cannibalizing Its Product Because of Greed

They are literally putting on an inferior product because they're using scab refs. They won't give their referees a decent compensation package because they want to save nickels.

Tonight's MNF game is a complete fiasco on the level of Rmoney's campaign.

Mitt Romney Prepares for his Interview with the Lifetime Channel

Come on Mitt. Just stop it.

What Do Authors J.K. Rowling and George R.R. Martin Have In Common?

They both are highly successful authors of fiction, and they both relied on public assistance at one point in their lives. In fact, without that assistance, they would have never written the books that made them rich.

The lesson here is that public assistance is a hallmark of a civilized society that understands that people may need help at some point in their lives. They are not "moochers". They are in need of assistance.

The Earned Income Tax Credit

There are two primary reasons why a lot of Americans do not pay Federal Income taxes:

1. High rates of unemployment which depresses wages. Thus, many people simply don't make enough to have to pay federal taxes

2. The Earned Income Tax Credit, a Republican idea that was a reward for work over welfare. You would enhance the piss-poor wages with small subsidies for chidren. This was deemed preferrable to raising the minimum wage.

Now, these Republican assholes are complaining that the poor don't pay enough in income taxes.

Originally enacted in 1975, the Earned Income Tax Credit was borne out of welfare reform efforts of the early 1970s. The Tax Reduction Act of 1975 originally added the credit to the Internal Revenue Code. After expanding during the years, the credit is now one of the principal anti-poverty programs for working families in the federal budget.

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 included provisions to improve compliance. In 2001 the Economic Growth and Tax Relief and Reconciliation Act promoted simplification and provided new marriage penalty relief.

In 1997 and 2001, Republicans controlled congress.

In sum, if you want Americans to pay more in federal income taxes, pay them more money.

The Butterfly and the Bulldog

Obama May Just Be The Luckiest Politician Ever

Outside of Hillary Clinton, he has never had a truly worthy opponent. He ran against Alan Keyes for the Senate. He then drew John McCain and Sarah Palin for the presidency in 2008. Now, he draws Master of Foot in Mouth for the presidency in 2012.


Conservatives Have Made American Politics Simply About The Tax Rate That The Rich Pay

As if EVERYTHING in our economy hinges on what rate the rich pay in taxes, which is an absurd notion.

Forget about modernizing our educational system, re-training the workforce, securing the social safety net, pulling in our global military industrial complex, protecting our environment, understanding our role in the global economy, repairing our infrastructure, developing new modes of transportation, improving our healthcare system, etc. etc. etc.

No, our political campaigns are about whether the top tax rate is 25%, 28%, or 34%. That's it and that's all.

Collective Soul Cat


Honest NFL Logos

--On Edit--

I got these from grantland.com. The best site on the web.

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