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Who Will Say The Craziest Thing at CPAC 2013 This Month?

There are some real contenders for nuttiest nutcase at CPAC 2013, Wayne La Pierre, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Allen West, and of course, half-governor, Sarah Palin.


We should have a contest. In addition to craziest, who will say the most racist thing? The most sexist? The most homophobic? And of course, the dumbest.

Ronald Reagan Would Always Call The Winner of the Superbowl, World Series, NBA Championships, etc.

In fact, presidents host various champions of sporting events, both pro and amateur, at the White House. And no one complains. The only DU complaints that I heard was when Tim Thomas, then-goalie for the champion Boston Bruins, refused to meet with Obama. People complained about him.

How is that any different from what Michelle Obama did last night?

I need better tech support

They don't fix anything. They're literally laying around on the job.

A Breif History of the Debt/Deficit Debate Over The Last 20 Years

Bill Clinton is sworn into office amid an economic slump, and he wants to pass a major stimulus bill. He is talked out of doing that by Alan Greenspan and bond traders. They tell him to focus on the deficit/debt. He does and in the summer of 1993, Clinton's deficit reduction plan is passed into law by one vote. No Republicans support his plan.

Because Clinton raised taxes, the Gingrich Revolution uses it as a wedge issue to win control of the Congress.

1995 to 2000
The yearly deficits slowly disappear, and a small surplus emerges.

During the presidential campaign of 2000, Al Gore wants to put the surplus into a lock box to shore up Social Security. He is openly ridiculed and mocked by the DC Beltway punditry.

George W. Bush assumes power after a highly questionable election. One of his first acts as president is to pass a massive tax cuts without any spending cuts to offset it. He even makes his cuts retroactive, and tax rebate checks were mailed out to everyone. By August 2001, the surplus is gone and we slip back into deficits. Not a peep is heard by the media. NOTHING.

2001 to 2008
Bush runs up massive deficits each year of his presidency. In the middle of two wars, he passed yet another tax cut without paying for it. He signs into law a prescription drug benefit without paying for it as well. It all culminates in the grandaddy of all spending, the TARP bailout fund of 2008.

Barack Obama is sworn into office amid the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. He passes a scaled-down stimulus bill, and now, after a 8 year slumber, the DC Beltway media begins screaming about the debt and deficit. Also, a Tea Party movement emerges over the debt/deficit issue.

Because the economy is still sluggish--in part due to the scaled down stimulus-- the Republicans are able to take control of the House of Representatives. They threaten not to lift the debt ceiling because of the size of the debt and deficit.

2012 to 2013
Barack Obama is re-elected. The DC Beltway chrous grows louder with cries about the debt/deficit.

I left out a lot of details, but I captured the gist of these events. The point of this post is to clearly show that when Republicans are out of power, they, and the media, immediately start crying sbout the debt/deficits. However, when they are in power, there's not even a peep out of either of them about it.

For 8 damn years, Bush ran up the deficit and debt without the media nor the Republicans saying a word. The man passed tax cuts in the middle of two wars, and the only person I recall complaining about it were commentators on Air America radio.

So, don't fall for this b.s. about the debt/deficit. It's another hoax just like the Iraq war.

History Channel's New Series "Vikings" -- SPOILER ALERT

History Channel has a brand new series called "Vikings", and I am going to spoil the ending for you. They lose to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional round.


Eddie The Sea Otter Has to Work on His Game

Look if you want to be an all around player, you gotta do more than just dunk. You need a low post game, an outside shot, etc. Sure, dunking will get you ESPN highlights, but it's just makes you a one-dimensional player:

Watch Eddie, The Sea Otter, Dunk!

The knock on him though is that he does not get back on defense.

The Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential Nominees for 2016 wil be.....

For President:

His VP choice:

Ryan has bona fides with the corp. Republicans and the base. So, he will be trusted to campaign from the center. Graham brings foreign policy gravitas to the ticket.

We're Heading for One Whacky NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament This Year

Good luck picking the final four. Heck, almost any 4-team combination of the top 25 teams could be in the final four. I don't ever recall a year like this, no dominant player nor any dominant team.

"Hubris" - -Can It Happen Again? Yes, It Can, and Yes, It Will Happen Again.

If a Republican gains control of the Executive branch, the same tactics that got us into Iraq will be used to get us into Iran.
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