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If you take the Ferguson cops and DA side, don't ever complain about the NSA or Snowden ever again.

There are a lot of Libertarians out there screaming about government intrusion in our lives. They howled and screamed when they learned that the government has access to their emails. Yet, these same folks are awfully fucking quiet over this Ferguson murder.

An agent of the government took the life of an unarmed, innocent man, and the assailant was never charged. Never had to face trial. This means that the government can kill innocent people and never have to face the people.

So, if you take the side of the Ferguson cops and DA, then don't ever complain again about the govt intruding into your personal life. Your logic is inconsistent if you say that it's okay for that same government to kill an unarmed civilian.

Ferguson: A big test for the new Libertarian movement in this country

Their leader is Rand Paul. They rail against government and in particular, the Obama admin for NSA spying. They rail against social spending. They're supposed to represent the new Republican party, tolerant of the GBLT rights, end to the drug war, and no wars overseas. Heck, they even have some sympathizers here on DU.

Well, now is the time for them to show their fidelity to their ideology. What the police did in Ferguson violates their core beliefs. They should be as outraged as the protestors, even more so.

So where is it? Where is the Libertarian outrage? Is Libertarianism a real thing or is it a bunch of White guy conservatives that just want tax cuts, legal drugs, and legalized prostitution.

Odell Beckham's Catch Tonight. Greatest Catch Ever?

Let the debate commence.


What are the odds that 13 different women from different backgrounds who have very similar and...

specific stories about being drugged and then raped are all lying about it? Pretty low odds. For their stories to NOT be true would take a lot of intense coordination and planning among complete strangers.

Was he charged and tried by a court of law? No, he was not, and you cannot label him a "convicted rapist". With that said and given the amount of stories and their specificity, it's clear that these women ARE NOT lying.

Mystery solved: Don’t blame the Americans! The real origin of the word ‘soccer’



"You're not helping"

"I know that you think you're helping, but you're not helping."

Hey, what happened to Ebola? Where did it go?

Oh, that's right. The mid-term elections are over.

Prediction: Here's what the Republicans will offer as "health insurance" and what will happen.

The Republican alternative will be the following:

(1) Allow policies to be sold across state lines.
(2) Prohibit lawsuits to insurance companies that sell across state lines
(3) Prohibit states from regulating these policies
(4) Prohibit any disclosure laws about these policies or the companies that sell them

What will happen

(1) Some red state (or states) will completely de-regulate health insurance companies operating in their state
(2) Cheap "policies" wil be sold to people across the country. Even businesses will buy them for their employees.
(3) People will buy these by the bundles
(4) When people go to use the insurance, they will find that their provider(s) won't take it.
(5) Hospitals will refuse to accept it.
(6) Medical expenses won't be reimbursed.
(7) Companies that sold the insurance will declare bankruptcy and escape all liability.
(8) No one will be able to sue. See point 2 above.
(9) People who bought the policies will be shit-out-of-luck with no place to turn.
(10) The sick won't get care because their policies are fradulent.
(11) The people running the schemes will be living the good life and escape any criminal prosecution.

If you want to see something different at the movies, see Birdman.

For everyone who complains that movies don't take chances and does the same shit over and over again, go see Birdman. Even if you don't like it, you have to appreciate that people took a chance and did something different other than a super hero movie or remake of a TV show.

Really shitty movies with a very talented cast

What if I told that a movie had the following cast:

Robin Williams
Ed Norton
Danny DeVito
Catherine Keener
Jon Stewart
Harvey Fierstein

You would be excited to see it? No? That's the cast list to Death to Smoochy, a terrible, awful movie.

List some others.
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