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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,987

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It's an insult to older Americans when people excuse racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks

made by other older Americans. Hearing the phrase, "well, they're from a generation where it was okay to be [fill in the blank]". That's bullshit pure and simple.

Now,I don't pretend to speak for all older Americans, but from the many that I know, they're NOT homophobic, racist, sexist, etc.

The NBA Playoffs have been exceptional this year

Possibly the best opening round in NBA playoff history.

So, when does Bundy get his own show on A&E?

They can slot him right after Duck Dynasty and make it an evening of homophobia and racism!

Hillary needs to start campaigning for House and Senate Dems in 2014

Right now, she's the biggest asset that the Dems have, even bigger than Obama. She's THE front runner for the 2016 nomination, and with that comes the responsibility to campaign for House and Senate Dem candidates that are facing tough elections.

Great courtroom movie dramas

Since I'm doing jury duty this week, thought I'd start a thread about the best courtroom drama movies ever. Here's my top pick:

To Kill A Mockingbird:

My recipe for overcoming a broken heart

1. Exercise and eat right
2. Learn something new like a foreign language.
3. Travel

2 Dogs. 1 Cat. New Dog Bed.

Take a wild guess at what happens.

A man said unto God:"What's a billion years to you?" and God said:"A second".

A man said unto God: "What a billion dollars to you?" and God said:"A penny".

A man said unto God:"Can I have a penny?" and God said:"Just a second."

I am rapidly losing faith in my tax accountant

Sleeping on the job.

There is no love without respect

If your partner does not respect you, he/she does not love you. End of story.

--On edit--

This is not to say that you love everything that you respect. It's just that without respect for someone's feeling, their physical well-being, their emotions, etc. --without that, there is no love. Period.
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