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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,988

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Maya Angelou's Poem "On the Pulse of Morning"

Who could hate this video?

Tell me who?

Where does the phrase "let's put in a pin in that one" come from?

Anyone know?


Jenga Cat

Cows listening to live jazz

If you get overlooked, rejected, someone else is chosen over you, just think of Giovanni Carmazzi

And you will feel much better.

DU drummers. Please critique this piece of music.

This from the FX mini-series, Fargo. I love this piece.

Kittens just don't understand the Brady Bunch concept

Outside of the top 10 universities/colleges, all of the others are way over priced.

And the only reason why the top ten is worth its value is because their alumni network helps land them jobs. In fact, a lot of corps will ask their HR depts to hire Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. grads.

My advice to HS students is, try to get into a top 10 school. If you don't get in, go the cheapest route you can find to get a college degree. Go to a Jr. College for 2 years then maybe a cheap state school for the upper class studies.

Sorry, but Colgate University is not worth $60,145 a year:

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