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Member since: 2001
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CNNFN: Shrink Wealth Gap by Getting Poor People to Buy Homes

I shit you not:

A recent report from the Census Bureau found that the median wealth of the poorest 20% of American households was negative $6,029 in 2011, compared with negative $905 a decade ago. If we want to reverse this trend and narrow the wealth gap, we need a better path to homeownership for low-income families.


To shrink the wealth gap, pay people more money. Period. Stop playing finance games with housing.

Kim Kardashian's VMA outfit. Someone please explain what this is.

I'm going to follow Homer Simpson's retirement plan

Morals are based on empathy not religion

I'm sick and tired of hearing religious people say that religion is the reason for morality in our world, and without it, people can do whatever they to whoever they want. That's why after school shootings, people like Mike Huckabee blame taking God out of the classroom.

I find this argument ridiculous. We've seen devoutly religious people commit all manner of horrific acts from child rape to beheadings. Religion does not create morality, empathy does.

When you care about the physical, emotional, health, and well-being of other people, then you have the basis of being a moral person. If you empathize and feel sorry for someone who was robbed, then you're not likely to rob someone else.

Am I wrong here?

When you demand revenge for James Foley, please know that it will lead to drone strikes that will

also kill innocent people. Blind vengeance leads to the deaths of innocent people.

Fill in the blank: "From Johnny Football to ______________"

Johnny "on the" Bench.

Why Do Democrats Freak Out Whenever They Lose An Election?

And the response is always that the Dems must be even more conservative. Why? When the Republicans lose elections, they go harder right and have a major impact on policy.

Say the Dems lose control of the Senate this year. Is that the end of the world? Instead of freaking out and running harder to the right, wouldn't the Dems be better off fine tuning and updating their message in order to get ready for 2016 and beyond.

It's more important to have an identity than it is to win an election.

Finish this sentence. Pre-Season NFL Football is like_________ .

decaffeinated coffee. What's the point?

FYI, Lindsay Lohan is a drug addict. She shoplifted a necklace and got into car crashes.

Yet, today, she walks the earth free as a bird.

Did you know that Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Was a Muscle-Bound Wrestler???


Tyson still wrestled competitively deep into his Ph.D. progress, even if it meant sacrificing his free time. To show you the level of commitment this guy had to both astrophysics and pinning muscular dudes to the ground, he says at one point he tried to create a new wrestling hold based on "a phenomenon in orbital mechanics called a double tidal lock," but he could never get it to work.

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