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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,987

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Today's dessert is Red Velvet Cake

Reverse Racism destroyed in 2:34 minutes

Bet the house, your kid's college fund, your retirement fund ALL of it on the Patriots

winning the Superbowl. Final score: Patriots 43 - Seahawks - 27

(On Edit: I am not a Patriots fan. In fact, I hate them, but I am predicting that they will win.)

Funny how everyone loves govt when there's a major emergency like a massive snow storm

No one quotes Ayn Rand when a major blizzard is coming. They demand that govt spring into action.

Ninja cat rule 1: blend in prior to the attack

As a NY Yankees fan, I truly enjoy watching the Patriots be hated by the nation

I too think that deflategate is b.s., but I do love seeing NE fans dropping down a peg on their sanctimony. No longer can they claim some sort of moral high ground in sports.

Now, they're just like the Yankees. Win at all costs, morality be damned.

Welcome to being hated Pats fans!

Hilllary's VP will be...

Bill Richardson, former Governor of N.M.

Americans demand fairness in sports NOT politics nor economics

It's really sad. Americans expect, and demand, their sports to be fair and equal more so than they do politics or economics. We live in an age where electoral districts are gerrymandered, where people cannot vote unless they have IDs, where voting is limited to one day and that generates long lines. We live in an age with the greatest income disparity known to mankind, where American workers work with no job protections, no benefits, and their wages are suppressed. IOW, Americans live in a world of complete unfairness.

YET, if an official blows a pass interference call, or a catch is ruled incomplete, or footballs are not inflated properly, Americans lose their minds and demand justice.

Why? Why do Americans let major injustices go by without a whisper but scream to high heaven over something as trivial as sports?

My answer is that Americans have given up on the major inequities of every day life. After decades of getting beaten down by our politics, politicians, our jobs, our suppressed wages, etc., they have given up hope entirely.

But, they still have hope that our sports will be fair. IOW, Americans have substituted justice in the real world for justice in a make believe world.

Again, why?

My answer is that Americans feel powerless to enact justice in the real world. In the fake world of the NFL, Americans can pressure the league to right wrongs like they did in the Ray Rice crime. Through social and regular media, the average American believes that they can be heard and positive change can be made.

In the real world, unless you're a billionaire, forget it.

How to correct income inequality in one move

Pay people more money.

Problem solved.

We all need a hug from time to time

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