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Sorry, but if you did your job as a parent, your kid would NOT be rioting in the streets!!!

The responses to this thread make me want to vomit.


To say that she's a great mother is utter nonsense. Being a great mother/parent means your kid stays in the house while rioting is going on. That's a lesson that should be instilled from day one. Next, she resorts to violence to get him to go home. Again, a good parent gets her kid home without hitting him in public which only teaches him that violence and public humiliation are acceptable forms of behavior.

This woman is a disaster as a parent.

Blame yourself for no challenger to Hillary

What have you done to build a strong progressive movement in America? What have you done to organize your fellow Americans to support progressive politicians and progressive ideas? What?

No, knocking on doors at election time is not enough.
No, registering a few people is not enough.
No, donating a few dollars is not enough.

What I am talking about is becoming a precinct captain. Running for local offices. Encouraging other progressives to run for office. Organizing your fellow workers to unionize.

IOW, what have you done to build a progressive movement that would generate a progressive candidate?

Say what you want about the conservatives, they have done exactly that, and their movement is well represented in this campaign by Cruz, Walker, Rubio, etc.

--On edit--

I've seen a theme throughout this thread about the big money behind conservatives and that is true. However, that same big money wants immigration reform as well which is something that the Teabaggers hate. Who's winning on that one? The Teabaggers are. The Republicans won't go near immigration because of that.

So, no, big money is not the be-all-end-all that many make it out to be.

Hating the poor is a politically correct way of being racist

Sure, there are poor whites, but the mass perception is that African Americans are deficient and thus, their poverty is inevitable. So, any govt programs targeted to the poor disproportionately will help African Americans.

That perception is the primary reason why the Republican party exists today. Without racism, they would be a fringe party at best.

As for poor Whites, the perception is that they are lazy and deserve their fate.

How to be the cutest kitten alive

It's a little over the top for my taste. Selling it too hard.

Exercising with Cats

I would like the position of Commodore of the Lounge

Where and how do I apply?
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