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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,988

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Question about Uber.

How do you know or how can you protect yourself from a driver that could be a serial killer or rapist or both? At least with taxis, there's some sort of documentation that you can rely on and the company can be held civilly liable which incentivizes them to do a background check.

An odd thing about the show, "The Comedians"

The premise of the show is about Billy Crystal and Josh Goud playing themselves in a fictional sketch show. The running gag on the show is the awkwardness between a young and old comedian. There are several references in the show to Crystal's and Goud's past career successes and failures. Lots of references.

In the pilot, Billy fires the real-life director, Larry Charles, also playing himself, and Billy asks for an old male friend of his to take over directing the sketch show. His old friend, Steven Webber (not playing himself) shows up as a trans-gendered female, and Billy acts very awkwardly about it.

Now, here's the odd thing. In the 1970s, on the network sitcom, "Soap", Billy Crystal played a Gay man who was about to have sexual re-assignment surgery. He broke ground with that role. Yet, his current show, which makes several references to his career, says nothing about that when Steven Webber's character shows up. And, Billy is taken aback by his being trans-gendered.

I found that really odd.

Dog solves a problem.

A fact that will freak you out. In less than three years...

there will be a population of people among us who will be able to vote, but they never lived in the 20th century!

Before Olbermann, Maddow, Hayes, and MSNBC, there was NBC News Overnight from 1983

"You go on American Idol. I go with you. This is a duo!"

Why the L.A. Clippers lost

Microsoft products tend to crash at critical times.

Big Kitties Need Love Too!

Here's the real lesson for Americans to learn from Deflate-gate

Deflate-gate, steroids in MLB, Lance Armstrong, and the housing bubble of the early 2000s are all object lessons for ALL Americans to learn one simple truth: Uber-competitive people are going to cheat to win. Plain and simple.


And, if they get around the regulations and we catch them later, like Armstrong, we strip them of their "wins".

I want to welcome N.E. Patriots fans to the NY Yankees fans world.

Congrats guys. You are now just like us. How does it feel?
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