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Married men are a pain in the ass to work with, and I am a guy.

This is the first job that I've had where the majority of the male workers are married, and good lord they are insufferable. One, they're always preaching to me that I should get married, and two, when they are not preaching, they are flirting and coming on to any one with a XX chromosone. They don't harass our female colleagues, but they do come damn close.

I don't treat my workplace like it's a singles bar, but the married guys do. In the end, they are pains in the asses.

Kitty worships a false God

Do you remember that TV show, "Too many cooks"?

If Democrats were associated with a website that endorsed Islamic terrorism...

the media would demand that they disband as a political party and would treat the Democrats as a fringe party.

Dear Bernie, we cannot overcome our economic challenges without overcoming racism and sexism

The only working class Americans that vote overwhelmingly for Republicans are White working class Americans. White racism is the biggest roadblock to a progressive nation. They won't support any progressive policies if it benefits non-Whites equally.

White Voters Turn Toward GOP

Over the past four years, the shift in party identification has occurred almost entirely among white voters. The Republican Party now has a 12-point advantage over Democrats among non-Hispanic white voters: 52% identify with or lean toward the Republican Party while 40% identify with the Democratic Party or lean Democratic. In 2008, the balance of party identification among whites was almost evenly divided (46% Republican vs. 44% Democrat). The Democratic Party’s advantage among blacks and Hispanics, by comparison, has remained largely unchanged.


--On Edit--

After reading the responses to my OP, let me offer an example. Bernie wants to make college free by imposing a transaction tax on high frequency trades. All that the opposition has to do to defeat this bill would be to say this: "Do you want your tax dollars paying for undocumented workers to go to college?" That's all that they have to say and that bill is defeated.

Want single payer? Here's the ad: "Do you want your tax dollars paying for the healthcare of people who don't work?" Defeated.

On and on, and on. Until you address the problems of race in this country, you cannot advance a progressive agenda. It simply won't happen.


Volksverhetzung (German: "incitement of popular hatred" is a concept in German criminal law that bans the incitement of hatred against a segment of the population. It often applies in, though it is not limited to, trials relating to Holocaust denial in Germany. The German penal code (Strafgesetzbuch) establishes that someone is guilty of Volksverhetzung if the person:[1]

in a manner that is capable of disturbing the public peace:

incites hatred against segments of the population or calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them; or
assaults the human dignity of others by insulting, maliciously maligning, or defaming segments of the population


In the U.S., we have pols who pander to the racists amongst us and flies racist symbols atop of state capitols. And our media never says a damn thing.

Germany is more progressive than we are. Yet, we pat ourselves on the back for defeating them.

Don't get mad at Republicans for their responses to the tragedy in South Carolina

Get mad at the fucking media for not calling them out on their bullshit. Republicans have every right to fucking racist, sexist, homophobic..[the list goes on and on] assholes. That's what they want to be and that's who they are. That's their fucking brand like Nike's swoosh.

But in a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-gendered, multi-religious nation and world, being a party of racist jackasses puts you outside the mainstream of humanity, let alone politics. They are fringe party being promoted to the nation as a mainstream party which they are not and can never be.

As a party, they are not far removed from Roof. They dislike African Americans, love guns, and defend police when they kill unarmed African Americans. Are they that different from this shooter?

It's the media's job to call them out on their bullshit, and they are failing miserably.

If Hillary wins the presidency, then three of the most powerful people on the planet will be women

Hillary Clinton - POTUS
Janet Yellen - Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board
Christin Lagarde - International Monetary Fund

Some would argue that they are the top three most powerful. You could add Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) as well.

Captured video of Bill Belichick at a restaurant

Richard Crenna in Rambo III gives a great rebuttal to the neo-cons

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