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This Hillary supporter is here to praise Bernie and the best contribution that he's made to America

On the eve of the Iowa caucus, I want to post this. I support Hillary because I am pragmatic, and I'm not convinced that Bernie can the presidency nor the nomination, but if he is nominated by the party, I will wholeheartedly support him in every way possible.

And, I want to congratulate him and his supporters for a very important and significant contribution to American politics. He has introduced a new, powerful phrase to the common lexicon, "Democratic Socialist", just like Occupy Wall Street introduce the phrase, "income Inequality" to the lexicon. Language matters. They change focus. They give voice to a cause. Conservatives built an entire movement on short-handed phrases.

Win or lose, going forward, politics in America has changed forever. Right now, there's a candidate out there seeing Bernie's support and his supporters and will pick up the mantle and carry his message forward. They won't be cowed by the current status quo. They will be emboldened to build a movement around what Bernie has said.

I'm not saying this sarcastically nor ironically, and i want to post this before the results so as to not come off as insincere. I do believe that Bernie and his campaign show that politics as usual in America are over. A new political movement is here and is not going away.

And for that, I congratulate Bernie and his supporters. You have already won an important victory.

Some people

Anyone here see "The Hateful 8"? SPOILERS

Well, if you did, then... SHUT THE DOOR!!! YOU HAVE TO NAIL IT SHUT!!!

Actual video of the scene outside my window after the Pats lose to Broncos

I pledge to stand behind the person who ALL of the Democratic primary voters nominate for president

We have a clear process for nominating someone for president, and whomever the party nominates, I will stand behind.

Someone enjoyed the snow in DC

Hmmm...What's missing from this Bernie Ad?

Can you tell me what it is? If no one knows the answer, I will answer it after 20 posts.


Trump vs. Cruz, Beck vs. Palin, Trump vs. Beck

The Republican party has gone full WWE. I'm really enjoying their version of "Hell in the Cell 2016"


Sorry, I can't play with you right now. I'm responding to a thread in the GD Forum on DU.

Netflix: Making a Murderer -- My theory on the case (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT)

If you haven't watched the series, Making a Murderer on Netflix, stop reading now because I'm going to spoil it.


Let's proceed. The key question in the case is not who killed Teresa Halbach, but where was she killed. Answering that solves the case. Where did the crime take place?

Eliminate crime scenes
We can clearly rule out Steve Avery's trailer and garage as possible crime scenes. None of Teresa's DNA was found at either site and no trace of cleaning liquids were also found. We can also rule out Teresa's car. Except for the one blood stain, there was no other evidence that she was killed in her car. Finally, we can rule out any area on the compound. With people coming and going, someone would have saw something or heard something.

By eliminating the above, we can also eliminate Brendan Dassey's role in the murder.

Crime scene was off the compound
Given the above, we can be sure that Teresa was killed outside of the compound.

Theory 1: She drove off the compound and Steve Avery was with her. He killed her off site, mutilated and burned her body. Then, drove the car back to his compound. This is very unlikely. Other people saw Steve at the compound, and we know that his then fiance called him from prison during this time. Steve was still on the property.

Theory 2: She drove off the compound alone. While on the road, her assailant made her stop. She either got out of her car willingly or was forced out. She was killed off site. Her body mutilated and burned. Who could make her stop? Who could make her get out of the car willingly? Her boyfriend? Her roommate? Her brother? All very unlikely. The only entity that could make her stop and get out of that car would be the Manitowoc County Sheriff's department.

This is my theory. Under the threat of paying a huge settlement to Steve Avery, the Sheriff's department kept his compound under constant surveillance. They saw Teresa pull into and out of that compound, and they pulled her over to talk to her about what she was doing on that property. Maybe they thought that she was on his legal team, who knows.

She gets out of that car, and something goes horribly wrong between Teresa and the deputy which winds up with her being killed. The Sheriffs then mutilate and incinerate her body. Drive her car onto the Avery lot. Plant bone fragments in the pit outside of Steve Avery's trailer. Plant the key in his room. Plant the spent shell in his garage, and smear the blood in her car.

The Sheriffs could do all of this because they committed the crime. The give away was Colburn's calling in her license plate to dispatch. He was looking at her car.

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