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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,988

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To me, the Democratic primaries are over. Hillary has won. Time to focus on the GE.

I'm no longer going to post nor respond to any Bernie supporters. The math will take care of Bernie going forward. I encourage everyone on this forum to start thinking about ways to not only elect Hillary but give her a strong Democratic congress to work with so that things will get done.

The Republican primary reminds me of a horror movie. Whatever comes out of that mess will be a monster that we will have to fight, and we need to get our ducks in a row. I'm sending money to both Hillary's and the DNC. I encourage you to do the same.

On to November!

--One Edit--
Stay out of GDP. It's a huge waste of time. No need to antagonize them any further.

The Bad News/Good News for Marco Rubio

Bad News: His 1-15 record in the Republican primaries probably won't get him the nomination.

Good News: His 1-15 record will get him the first pick in the NFL draft. Some advice: trade that pick and get more picks.

Why not count the Superdelegates?

Why would they switch their vote to someone who is not "racking" up wins and is losing the core African American vote in large numbers?

Rubio is getting shut out across the board. Not a single win tonight nor throughout the entire


How can you have a political revolution when you willy, nilly write off states?

SC, GA, TN, ARK..all don't matter or don't count. YET, we're going to have a "political revolution" which will force Paul Ryan to pass Single payer.

Do you honestly think that there's no difference between Trump and Hillary? Seriously?

I appreciate a straight answer.

They have resorted to posting fake links to a Warren endorsement of Bernie

They're losing their minds over there:


Does anyone have a Plumbus? Do you know where I can get one?

Andrew Rannells ("Elijah") is the sole reason to watch the TV show, "Girls"

When he's onscreen, you can almost feel the show elevated to another level.


A song that describes the upcoming Republican convention

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