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Prediction: Trump will walk out of the town hall

You read it here first!

Hillary has completely unraveld Trump with the Machado issue.

Imagine what she can do to Putin!

Trump was easily unnerved. Possibly the worst quality to have in a president.

Yes, Trump started off the debate well-prepared, but as soon as Hillary questioned his business acumen, he was done. He became unglued during and after the debate.

As president, we've been spoiled rotten by Obama's cool under fire. Hi focus never deters on what he has to accomplish even while everyone, left and right, were screaming at him.

How would Trump fare with a collapsing economy, a swine flu outbreak, an oil spill off the Louisiana coast, Somali pirates taking U.S. hostages, the hunting of Bin Laden, etc., etc., etc.

These are big events that can unnerve even the best of us. Imagine Trump dealing with these things when he cannot handle someone questioning his wealth!

--Edit to Add--
A president's primary job is as a crisis manager. Budgets, taxes, spending, laws, etc., that's Congress' job. it's the president who has to keep shit together when shit goes down.

Please don't go all Hudson over the polls. Thank you.

Trump ties his ties wrong

They're too long. They go past his belt.

Is someone keeping count of Trump's sniffs?

I came late to the debate.

Why is he sniffing so much?

Did he take a little bump before he went on stage? Little ah...nose candy?

Trump spends more money on TV ads, and the TV media reports show his poll numbers are improving

Coincidence? Connection? You tell me.

BBC Radio 5 Live that cats will not walk on foil

Cats: Silly ass hoomins think that foil will protect them from their overlords:

There will be no coming back from President Trump.

Since the Great Depression, we've fallen into this pattern where a Republican pushes the country to the brink of utter disaster and chaos, and along comes a Democrat to pull the country back on its feet. Not this time folks.

For example, Trump with a Republican congress will overturn Obamacare throwing millions of Americans off of insurance. There's no guarantee that they will raise the debt ceiling which will destroy our economy. He may use nukes because some leader mocked him.

I thought that W. was the dumbest person ever elected president, and he would be terrible at the job. I was more right than what I thought. But Trump? I would vote for W 1,000 times before I vote for Trump. To even seriously consider him for president has already done great damage to this nation.

--On Edit--

We haven't fully recovered from W. Look at where we were in 2000 compared to now.
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