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Could be worse. How? Could be raining.

Love this scene to death:

Check out Slate.com's "Slow Burn" a multi-part podcast about Watergate.

It's truly fascinating. I learned a hell of a lot more about the scandal than. For example, I had no idea of what Martha Mitchell (John Mitchell's wife) went through. That's an entire movie in itself. OMG! The podcast is free, but with a Slate+ subscription, you get some extra material.


Couple offer $150K salary to cook, clean and run errands (This is where the tax cut is going.)

These are the jobs that the top 0.01% are creating. Be their servants:

One family in New York City is hiring a live-in "domestic couple" to oversee cooking, cleaning, childcare, and construction at their second home, a 30,000-square-foot townhouse.

The "prominent Upper East Side couple" is looking for a team of two workers to act as "gatekeepers to the principals ensuring all aspects of the home are adequately operating at all times," according to the listing.

Job description:

Managing and providing full-time care of the family's residence
Museum-quality cleaning throughout the home with attention to bedrooms, special surfaces and bathrooms, etc.
Full laundry duties including washing, ironing, steaming, closet organization, managing a list of garments that have been sent out for professional service, etc.
Packing and unpacking clothes for travel
Preparing fresh and healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner adhering to all dietary restrictions and requests


--On Edit--I get that some posters think this is a good gig. However, what you're missing is that if these kinds of positions become more common place, then it's bad overall for the economy. These jobs do not develop a skilled labor force. These are unskilled positions that can be easily replaced by anyone which will eventually lead to lower and lower compensation. Our tax dollars are being used for this crap instead of being used to develop a 21st century work force.

Dems counter argument to the tax bill: Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

After the huge tax giveaways to corporations and the 1%, the best Democratic economic counter argument should be: Raise the min. wage to $15.00 an hour. There's no excuse for not doing so. None.

1.) Raising the min. wage is long over due and is desperately needed.
2.) It's good economic policy because it forces money to circulate from hoarding corporations to the consumers who will put it to use.
3.) It's good politics because it gives the voters something tangible to vote for which they can see in their wallets right away.
4.) Puts the Republicans in an ugly spot. They would have to defend tax cuts for the rich while denying more money for workers.

I find it amusing that the Alt Right is all butt hurt over the new Star Wars movies.

They cannot accept a female and an African American in the leading roles because it was unrealistic. Yet, they had no problem whatsoever with a giant squid commanding a star ship.

My dream 2020 Democratic Presidential ticket is....

something that I will reveal the day after the 2018 mid terms. So, let's focus on the mid terms, and then we can talk 2020. Just like your parents, eat your vegetables first and then we can have dessert.

And yes, I know who exactly the Dems should run in 2020. This is the ONLY ticket that can win. The ONLY ticket.

What will Trump tweet for not being invited to the Royal Wedding?

Post your best guess. I will make a small donation to the charity of the post that comes closest.

Bulldog is mad at owner for not getting enough attention

Wyatt Koch, heir to the Koch Bros. fortune.

He design shirts for Wyatt Ingraham Men's Shirts for men who dream big and live bold. Watch the videos for yourself.

And I swear to whatever God you worship that these clips are not from the TV show, "Arrested Development". Honest.

Because of this tax cut, the Fed will aggressively raise interest rates to head off inflation

You cannot have low interest rates, low taxes, and the current level of federal spending all at the same time. We've had almost 10 years of zero percent interest rates, and only recently they've gone up to 1.75, still a historical low. Goldman Sachs predicted 4 rate hikes in 2018 taking the rate to 2.75. My prediction is that they won't stop until the rates are at 4.5% which will dramatically slow down the economy.

In 2019, if the Dems assume congressional majorities, they may be facing a full blown economic recession for which they will be blamed by low information voters.

Mark Zandi, chief economist with Moody’s economy.com, said that if massive tax cuts aren’t offset with correspondingly large tax increases or reductions in government spending, the Fed’s response could even cause the economy to contract.

“If the tax cuts are deficit financed, that is going to juice the economy and it will overheat, significantly raising the odds of a recession early in the next decade,” Zandi told HuffPost.

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