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This whole Russia/Trump thing is like a Coen Brothers movie.

It's one of the most common traits of their films;

What theme do the Coens know better than crime? Perhaps dark comedy? One integral theme interlocking film after film is crime, such as kidnapping, murder, ransoms, robbery, convicts, and conspiracy. From their bone-chilling debut “Blood Simple” to their recent ensemble epic “Hail, Caesar!”, kidnapping, blackmail, ransoms and crime gone wrong have been themes used for so many plotlines that it’s a wonder they haven’t been worn out on audiences.

The Coens experiment with styles, settings, characters and narratives, but their themes rarely drift from what they know: very messy, very convoluted, and very chaotically failed crime capers. I use the term “failed” in the way their characters fail, for although the perpetrator rarely gets away, their films (other than perhaps “The Ladykillers” and “Intolerable Cruelty”) never fail to hit their mark.

Read more: http://www.tasteofcinema.com/2016/the-10-most-distinct-traits-of-coen-brothers-cinema/2/#ixzz4cuDiyLAr

Nunes == Lundergaard from "Fargo":

Dog: "I'm going to kill that woman and bury her in this hole....oh shit here she comes."

If they have nothing to hide, why not let Yates testify? Right?

If they did nothing wrong, then there's nothing to fear.

Video of Jared Kushner's SWAT team in action

BTW, can anyone explain to me why you would dive head first through a glass window?

Good advice:If you drink a Whiskey drink, then a Vodka drink, then a Lager drink, then a Cider drink

You will be very, very sick.

So, how should the ACA be fixed?

Allow people to buy into Medicare who don't qualify for it, e.g. younger folk.

What the fuck will Trump/RyanCare even fucking cover?

I'm just supposed to pay a premium and get NOTHING??!?!?!?! Just give some company my cash and get nothing in return?!!!!

Oh yeah right, this is the business model of Trump U.

How can you be "pro-life" but not have affordable insurance for pregnant women?

It just don't make any sense.

A great visual/photo opp. for the Democrats would be...

For every elected Dem to volunteer one weekend with the Meals on Wheels folks. Be shown delivering meals to the elderly while Trump is away at Mar A Lago. A powerful juxtaposition of images.

Big man. Little kitty.

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