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People are dying today in Puerto Rico as a result of the 2016 elections.

In this age of climate change and cataclysmic weather, it's important to elect intelligent, competent, and compassionate leaders. Your life, and the lives of others, depend on it.

So, when you do not vote for a president because of a speech or emails, think about the people dying and suffering in Puerto Rico tonight.

Rosario Dawson is awfully quiet. Not a peep. Not a word. Nothing.


I don't know much, but I do know that President Hillary Clinton would be doing everything she could to help the people in Puerto Rico right about now. Heck, she publicly shamed Trump to sending help.

Yes, elections have consequences. At times, tragic ones.

What's more disrespectful to the flag and our service personnel? Kneeling for the anthem or...

the rich not paying their fair share of the tax burden even though they have enough wealth for millennia and beyond? Trump's tax proposals threaten to rob this nation from its ability to pay for healthcare, and other benefits, that our service personnel have earned.

Why do we as a culture get so hung up on symbolic gestures yet completely ignore actual policies that affect people every day?

Trump is tearing this nation apart. The 1% be should be alarmed.

Instead of focusing on more tax cuts and more deregulation, they should be worried that the nation may become completely unhinged. They need to understand that the young in this country has been raised in a culture of disruption. They see no need to continue antiquated institutions that do not serve their needs. They have no problems over-throwing established order.

One of these things is not like the other. Can you tell?

I guess pappa was a rolling stone.

Anyone watching Ken Burns' "Vietnam" documentary?

I've watched the first two episodes and here is my major though: If there was a mistake or bad decision to be made, we made it each and every time over decades through three presidents so far. And, it's not like we didn't know that we were making bad decisions. We clearly knew. It was like we made them because making the right decision meant that we would look "weak" to the world.

If you buy the new iPhone, then don't complain about globalization nor trade agreements

That is all.

For "Game of Thrones" fans, the Mountain and the Hound together!!

At what point do you buy all new underwear and get rid of the old ones?

That's right. Kitteh straight up jacked your toy plushy tiger. What are you gonna do about it?

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