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Member since: 2001
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Mike Bloomberg prepared to spend at least $100 million on a 2020 campaign for president if he...

decides to run

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg is prepared to spend well over the $100 million he put into his last campaign for New York City mayor if he runs for president in 2020. And he does not plan to accept any outside money from political action committees if he jumps into the race, CNBC has learned.

Howard Wolfson, Bloomberg's top political advisor, in an email hinted at how much his boss would look to invest into his own potential campaign for president.

Which means that he will get extremely favorable coverage from the media. Why? Where will he spend the bulk of that $100 million? On TV ads of course. Buying big blocks of ads == favorable coverage.

Bands that are prisoners of their era

Name a band that were good/great for their particular time period, but just don't do as well outside of their era. For example, The Thompson Twins are totally 80s. Don't really work outside of the era"

Proposal: All future govt shutdowns should include the entirety of the US govt. Including...

the military. That would put an end to hostage taking by the Republicans.

The baby's laugh and the dog's subtle wink makes me very suspicious

They did something or about to do something.

401K corporate matches pushing the markets higher?

This is the week that many corporations match their employee contributions to their 401K. IOW, the markets will be flooded with new stock purchases this week. Is this what's driving the markets higher this week?

Saw the movie "Vice". Spoiler Alert. Dick Cheney is a raging asshole.

A brilliant, yet very depressing movie about Vice President Dick Cheney. Now, don't go looking for total accuracy. This is fiction based on history. Think Oliver Stone and Michael Moore worked together on a film. Director Adam McKay has made a career satirizing the false masculinity of the Bush era from Anchorman to Talladega Nights to Eastbound & Down to The Big Short and now Vice. and yes, Christian Bale is astounding. At times, you completely forget that it's him.

But what's truly depressing about this movie is that for all of the evil that was Cheney and all that he did, what we have now in the White House is an order of magnitude far worse than Cheney.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs: Willie Watson & Tim Blake Nelson (SPOILERS ALERT)

This song is stuck in my head:

Dem House Armed Services Committee need to call Mattis in to testify

Need him to further elaborate on his statements in his resignation letter. If he has further information, he needs to share it with the public. The people have a right to know. We can't wait for his memoirs.

You do know that Roger Stone was part of Nixon's crew.

This is what happens when crimes are not thoroughly prosecuted. Criminals believe that they can do it again without fear of punishment.

When was the last time you held and read a newspaper. An actual newspaper, not online.

It's been almost three years for me. Everything has been online for me.
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