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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,988

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Next, JKIII needs to get out there on the campaign trail this year and help Dems take the House

He can start by helping out Conor Lamb in PA for the special election in March.

A New Hope

The force is strong in this one.

Staring right at the teleprompter. Little eye contact with the audience.

Reading it like a child forced to recite text instead of leader looking to inspire.

In the end, Trump's base won't care that he colluded with Russia nor obstructed justice.

And that means that the Republicans won't act. In the end, Trump's base does not care about America, does not care about the rule of law, does not care about Russian influence. They only care about preserving/enhancing their racial privilege.

This is why all efforts to "reach out" to them. Address their economic concerns. Pass protectionist laws to re-open their factories. In fact, the entire progressive agenda is simply not going to work on them. You can nominate Bernie. You can nominate Biden. You can nominate anyone you damn well please. No Democrat is going to win over these voters. They only care about maintaining their racial majority. That's it.

The only path forward is build a coalition around these people. Lock them out of power entirely.

Trump and the Republicans are using Johnny Cochran's OJ Defense Strategy

Discredit the investigators/prosecutors and ignore the mountain of evidence.

What's the difference between Hillary Clinton and the "Salem Witch Trials" defendants.

The "Salem Witch Trials" defendants were only tried once.

Ever notice how Republicans spew hate on Dems that could beat them in an election?

So, I'm watching comments on the Joe Kennedy III rebuttal address after the SOTU next week, and the vitriol is flowing like the river Jordan. They're even dragging out Chappaquiddick which happened 11 years before he was even born.

Conversely, have you notice how much they heap praise on any Democrat that they know could never beat them? That's why they're so complimentary to Bernie.

Psssst....DU is a secret society

But don't tell anyone because it's a secret.

I love it how some folks complain about Dems but didn't vote in prior mid term elections

that gave the Republicans majorities in both houses. They expect the Dems to do what exactly? The Dems only options were:

1. Continue the shutdown which would hurt people
2. Compromise on DACA which would also hurt people

Either way, people are going to be hurt. This is why voting matters. This is why mid term elections matter. This is why this incessant focus on 2020 is premature.

If you want to blame someone, don't blame Schumer or Pelosi. Blame yourself, your friends for not doing enough to keep the Republicans out of power.

This does not give me confidence in the Eagles if this is representative of their fans

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