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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,988

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What kind of people would give a kid a rock for Halloween? (Charlie Brown)

That's some really fucked shit when you think about it.

The Republican Algorithm

1. Pass tax cuts which lowers revenue.
2. Revenue shortfalls create massive deficits which necessitate austerity measures.
3. Austerity measures worsen the lives of every day people and increase their economic anxiety.
4. Pass de-regulation legislation which allow unscrupulous corporations to prey on people's economic anxiety.
5. Win re-election by:
A. Blaming the increased feeling of anxiety on the "other" (African Americans, feminism, LGBQT rights, immigrants, etc.)
B. Hyping issues that don't involve government actually helping people. See lax gun laws and abortion restrictions.
C. Pandering to so-called "Christian" values.
D. Start a war with some poor nation that's a supposed threat to the US.

"Whitey Bulger was killed to protect Robert Mueller"

Future RW conspiracy theory.

Why isn't the media asking the "Why" question to Trump and the Republicans?

The "Why" question is: Why does Trump and the Republican party openly court xenophobes, bigots, and White nationalists? If they truly believe in their policies, if they truly believed that their policies improve the lives for all Americans, why do they need to attract the fringe elements of our nation? Why mainstream them?

Maybe to ask the question is to answer it.

Trailer for the movie, "Vice"

Looks interesting:

Will Trump pardon him?

In time for the mid term elections?

--On Edit--
For the literal minded, I posted this as a joke.

Dear Far Left, this is why voting for Democrats matter

After the past two days, I really do not know what else can convince you that voting for Democrats IS NOT voting for the lesser of two evils. A vote for Democrats is a vote for sanity. A vote for today's Republicans, or not voting at all, is a vote for pure evil.

I get it. Hillary took money from Goldman Sachs. Booker voted against importing drugs from Canada, but those are policy differences. Trump's Republican party believes in killing it opponents and critics.

We've had this argument since 2000, and today should end it once and for all.

Vote for Democrats or you are just as evil as the Republicans.

--On Edit---

This post is directed to those on the far left who actively promote NOT voting for ANY Democrat, and yes, they do exist. See for example, Jimmy Dore's Youtube channel. He even attacked Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for her support of Cuomo. The far left actively tries to depress voter turnout for Democrats.

Notice the measured tone and response from Republicans about today's events

And contrast that to their response when it's a foiled attack from a Muslim.

Is Impeachment still off the table?

Doesn't inspiring Terrorism against political opponents and the media rise to high crimes?

Remember it's only Terrorism if its from a certain religion or from a Middle Easterner

If it's an American White male, well then, it's a lone wolf. Nothing to see here. Thoughts and prayers and all that.

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