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Member since: 2001
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Oh, so this is why German cars are better

It's the House of Representatives' duty to impeach a president that has committed crimes

Fuck what the Senate does or does not do. Fuck all of that. If evidence is presented to you of a crime and you hold hearings to confirm the evidence, then you vote for impeachment.

I'm sick and tired of the excuse making and the enabling by the Democrats. Failure to hold Republicans accountable is how we got a torturer in charge of the CIA today.

Patton Oswalt's theory on the origins of Heath Ledger's "Joker" in "Dark Knight" will blow your mind

I’ve always liked the theory that Heath Ledger’s Joker in Christopher Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT is a war veteran suffering PTSD. His referencing a “truckload of soldiers” getting blown up, his ease with military hardware, and his tactical ingenuity and precision planning all feel like an ex-Special Forces soldier returned stateside and dishing out payback. I love films that contain enough thought and shading to sustain post-screening theorizing like this.

But I just re-watched THE DARK KNIGHT, and another wrinkle came to mind about The Joker.

What if he’s not only ex-military, but ex-military intelligence?

Specifically — interrogation?


So Phila Eagles QB, Carson Wentz, got married today. Big Deal.

I know they won the SB and all, but come on.

"Yacht Rock"

Yacht rock (originally known as the West Coast Sound[2] or adult-oriented rock[3]) is a broad music style and aesthetic[4] identified with soft rock.[5] Yacht rock was one of the commercially successful genres of its era, existing between the late 1970s and early 1980s.[6] Drawing on sources such as smooth soul, smooth jazz, R&B, funk, and disco,[4] common stylistic traits include high-quality production, clean vocals, and a focus on light, catchy melodies.[3] Initially used pejoratively, its name was derived from its association with the popular Southern Californian leisure activity of sailing.


Cats love beards

If the Democrats fail to re-take the House and Senate this year....

then the entire Democratic leadership needs to hand in their retirement papers the very next day.

We can't keep blaming the media, the Republicans, corporate money, etc. for failure. The first step towards taking power is taking ownership and responsibility for failure. There's no excuse for failure in 2018. If the leadership cannot figure out a strategy for victory, then why are they there?

Sorry, gerrymandering is not a reason. If that's the issue, then figure out a strategy to defeat it. If you don't have an answer, then make way for someone that does.

--On Edit--

If anyone wants to see an example of the type of leadership that I am looking for from the Democrats, just watch Maxine Waters in the video in this thread:


Folks, there are other top notch people who can replace Schneiderman.

The investigations will continue. I'm not worried at all. What's with all the doom and gloom?

This is the kind of video that turns you into a crazy cat person

You vote in America to protect your interests. You organize movements to advance your interests.

Copyright Yavin4 2018.

People confuse with voting with advancement. No, voting is primarily to protect the progress that you've already made. When you want to progress further, that's where you get involved in movements that work to advance your interests by putting pressure on the politicians, the corporations, and the courts to enact change.
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